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Nawaz Sharif Ko Martial Law Kyun Behtar Lag Raha Hai?
Media Talk of Nawaz Sharif after being in NAB Court! Shabaz Sharif in Karachi!
killings of Hazara tribe in Quetta! and Right to be treated equally and not discriminated because of disability
why no one has trust on anyone in Pakistan?
the decision to vote for chairman Senate came from where?
Freedom of Information is important for every State!
pmln want collision-with-institutions!
why CJ has to say it again and again that we won't stand with any martial Law?
Nawaz Sharif ki wapsi... mazeed khatarnaak tewar...!!! Khabardaar.. idaron main takrao ho sakta hay.. Khursheed Shah:
Prime Minister in Karachi! the issue of sold votes in KPK!
Why Nawaz Sharif is getting harsh everyday?
PMLN's Leaders and Meetings in London!
VIP Security is removed at order of court!
Elections 2018 campaigning and engineering!
files r being changed in NHA! lot more!
Pashtoon Long march and issues!
issuing notices to 20 MPAs is a great decision!
Why some People and groups trying to create mess in FATA and want clashes in Pakhtoons and State?
Pakistani Politics getting Hot! what will happen now?
should SC launch cases it self? Why votes sold in KPK?
lot of questions on PTI after issuing notices to 20 MPAs!
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PSP Mustafa Kamal
Modi and his govt doing worst with Muslims and Sikhs! Sikh Yatries in Lahore!
Politics in Pakistan Hot these days! what is going to happen?
what r the plans of attack on adiala Jail? can NAB do accountability of Ex Military persons?
what is London Plan? what is story of corruption in Punjab? what is NAB doing?

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