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He began his career as a young vibrant investigative reporter for Karachi's Daily newspapers in 1982, Mr. Kamran Khan almost immediately attracted the attention of top international newspapers and by 1985, he was already reporting from Pakistan for a top British newspaper, The Sunday Times, and a top U.S. newspaper, The Washington Post, simultaneously. [However, He had been associated with Jang Group for 32 years Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Saath is one of the most watched and influential current affairs show on Pakistan's Dunya News TV channel. this show tries to untangle the twists and turns of Pakistani politics, social and economic issues. The program covers major national, regional and international stories through a combination of high-profile interviews, special reports, commentary and analysis. It is broadcasted live from Karachi from 9:30 to 11:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

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Top News of the day
Cheating in Exams, PIA and troubles in London and other issues.
Cyber Attack and Other Issues.
Imran Khan Vs Shahbaz Sharif
Afghan Firing on Pakistan
discussion on current issues.
Pakistan and Afghanistan Relations and other issues
Panama Case, Pakistani Economy and other issues.
5 Terrorists got punished today and other issues.
Imran Khan's Remarks about Foreign Players and other issues.
the news from round the country.
Top News of the day
Fata Reforms and other issues
Panama Case and today's Proceedings.
Census And Other Issues
Panama Hearing and Other Issues.
Top News of the day
Sindh Apex Committee Meeting And Other Issues
Anti-Government Movements, what will happen?
discussion on CPEC Project and lot more.
MQM's Politics and lot more.
MQM and lots of changes in the party, will we be seeing anything new?
CH Nisar in Press today and lots of other News of the day.
PSP Politics and lot of other top stories of the day.
Conditions in Karachi, Quetta Incident and lot more.
Top News of the day
Quetta Attack, big terrorism once more.
KPK Govt and it's Performance
Hot Politics of Sindh, and other issues.
PM Chaired a High Level meeting and lot more.
Discussion On Energy Crisis And Other Issues
Karachi Killings of 2 Military Persons and other issues.
change of CM in Sindh and other issues.
Owais Shah Recovery and other issues.
Failed Turkey Coup Attempt, Reasons.
ECP is not working, where is our Govt? SC Ordered making it possible it soon
David Cameron Resignation And Other Issues
Rumors about Imran Khan Marriage and lot more.
Kabul Blast and Taliban.
the Attack in Istanbul Ataturk airport, Why Turkey is facing this Terrorism? and lot more.
Reforms in Punjab Police r needed, lot more.
Imran Khan is in trouble because of 300000000 grant of KPK Govt to dar-Ul-Uloom Haqqania, and lot more.
UKs EU Referendum And Other Issues
PPP is going Against PMLN, Moving to Courts, and Top News of the day.
Karachi Conditions r getting Poor, Killing of Amjad Sabri.
Remembering Benazir Bhutto and lot more.
NAB and PPP, lot more.
Top Stories of the day.
Top Stories of the Day
Top Stories of the Day.
Crimes in Punjab and lot more!
Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath
Recap of the News
Energy issue in Pakistan, lot more.
Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath
Sindh GOV VS Islamabad, Elections in Lodhran, VIP Culture, lot more.
Conditions of publick Schools in Karachi, much more.
Karachi Issues, Sindh GOV clash with Fedral Gov, MQM again in Trouble, lot more
why Educated people r going to extreme? and lot more.
a detailed Recap for News December 10 2015
a detailed Recap of the News for December 7 2015
in this program LB Pols and many other News
LB Pols and more
4 terrorists hanged today involved in Army Public School attack, it is a big day in war on terror. Many other important news

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