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Shahzeb Khanzada (born September 20), is a Pakistani anchor, journalist and television personality from Islamabad, Pakistan known for hosting talk shows. He hosted To The Pointon Express News before he left Express News to join GEO News where he currently hosts Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath. Monday to Friday 10:05 PM

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Imran Khan's Case and other issues.
JIT is formed for Panama, what is next?
Musharraf again in the news.
Sharjeel Memon and Issues.
India Released Two Pakistani Students
(Wiki Leaks Ke Inkishafat)
Phateechar and other issues
Ban on Hafiz Saeed and issues
13th ECO Summit in Islamabad
PSL Final in Lahore!
Operation RadUlFasaad
Baba Ladla and other issues.
Panama Papers Hearing Adjourned Till Monday and Top Stories of the day.
Maryam's Signatures on Minerva Documents Faked
15 Hearings of Panama Case, what will happen now?
Karachi Issues, Census.
Trump and PM Nawaz talked on Phone, Panama Case.
Weapon Recovery Case Police cant bring Evidences now.
Appointment of New Coas, what would be Policies?
Poor system of Justice in Pakistan, lot more.
#PMNawaz gives Farewell dinner in Honour of #ArmyChief
LOC situation is going out of control!
Mayor Karachi is in office now, what r the issues with the city? talk with Waseem Akhtar and lot more.
Top Stories of the day
Panama Leaks Ki Hiring
MQM's Politics And Pervaz Musharraf.
Nehal Hashmi Statement and Karachi Politics
Weapons Recovered in Karachi
Donald Trump Wins US Election.
Target Killings in Karachi and lot more.
Bilawal Speech and Panama Leaks Case. lot more.
Panama Leaks --- Kya Supreme Court
a detailed re cap of the day's events, how Sheikh Rasheed managed his Public meeting.
Crack down against PTI in Islamabad
how Terrorism is being planned in Pakistan!
Point Scoring on Quetta attack
why Indian media Content is being banned in Pakistan?
Mustafa Kamal's Allegations
PTI's #Islamabad Protest And Other Issues
Mustafa Kamal Vs Ishrat-Ul-Ibad
Core Commanders Conference, Issue of Dawn News Story.
Scotland Yard Drops Money Laund. Investigation Against Altaf Hussain
MQM and Hot Politics of Karachi, Dawn News Story.
is there any London Plan again? Talk With Sheikh Rasheed
can India block our water?
MQM and it's Troubles
Pakistan India Relations and India's Poor Behaviar
Dr. Tahir-Ul-Qadri and serious charges against Govt, and now charges on Tahir-Ul-Qadri.
By Elections in Karachi, Arrest of Faisal Vawda
Faisal Vada's Arrest and lot more.
Coas's Speech on Defence day, Terrorism and Operations, lot more.
Altaf Hussain is angry in conditions. MQM and hot Politics, lot more.
again talk on MQM, lot more.
MQM changed it's constitution, what is real story?
MQM is having longer meetings, what is real story?
is history repeating it self? MQM and Politics.
DG Rangers Presser and Tougher Situation for MQM, lot more.
lot of changes in MQM
change of Leadership in MQM! talk with Dr. Farooq Sattar
MQM and lot of changes in it.
MQM Attack on Ary News, Farooq Sattar Arrest by Rangers.
Orange Line and decision by LHC, lot more.
Reference against Jahangir Tareen, Rumors in Karachi.
after Imran Khan and TUQ MQM and PPP is Planning for Protests, Pakistan and India Dialogue can be possible now!
Imran with Press today, going to the Court on Panama Leaks, lot more.
Top News of the day
CH Nisar in Press, COAS and His statenemt, why NAP is not being successful?
Why Non Muslims r suffering in Pakistan? National Action Plan and establishment of new task force. PSP a new Party going on defense, why? Pakistan and Olympics.
National Action Plan CH Nisar speech in Parliament, Opposition Walked out, PTV Blacked out Opposition Speeches.
who was responsible for Quetta Attack? new Action Plan? Karachi Conditions.
Quetta Attack and lot more.
different Issues of Karachi.
PM Clash With Asad-Ur-Rahman and lot more.
top stories of the day
who is Responsible for May 12th, Oilis going down, Rangers Issue and Federal, Trump is facing issues.
Powers given to Rangers in Sindh, talk with Murtaza Wahab, something is felt changed in Sindh after change of CM, Nab is launching Investigations against a Minister in Sindh, PTI and PAT r launching movement.
New CM for Sindh, NandiPor Power Plant still an issue, Geo News is Facing issue in Karachi
MQM is out of Elections for CM Sindh, Karachi Conditions need to to be improved, Rangers and Powers still an Issue.
confessions of Waseem Akhtar and top News.
Confessions of Waseem Akhtar, new CM Sindh, and lot more.
Killers of Amjad Sabri, Investigations r on, what is happening? Cricket of Pakistan.
Kashmir Elections and the issue of Rangers in Sindh.
Waseem Akhtar is in trouble, Rangers issue is getting difficult, AJK Elections, lot more.
Arrests in Karachi, Owais Shah is rescued, is Karachi Operation getting faster? PSP leaders r saying lot, Rangers and Powers.
Karachi and Issues, Turkey Coup Attempt, CPEC and issues, lot more.
Top News of the day
Education and Future of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif cant spend budget on Education and Health, KPK is giving more budget, lot more.
Karachi Rains, lot more
Meetings and Meetings, no Results, can we Impliment some Decisions? lot more.
Killers of Amjad Sabri not arrested yet, High Level Security Meetings in Karachi, no Water in Karachi, Why Amir Liaqat re joined MQM? will ask him.
Brexit happened today, PTI and PPP will talk on Protests, Zardari is out for a year now, India could not become member of NSG.
Amjad Sabri is Laid to Rest, Talk With Mother of Possible Killer of Amjad Sabri, PPP is going to Courts against PM and CM, what is happening?
Killing of Amjad Sabri, Karachi Conditions and Operation.
CJ SHC Kidnapped in Karachi, and lot more.
Dharna Politics and Lahore.
Politics of Protests and Top News
video of Dr. Asim, lot more.
Torkhum Border Clash, Deadlock on Tors, Karachi Operation and MQM Workers gone away.
Imran Farooq Case, New Names in it, lot more.
Pak US Relations, PSP is not that fast, Women Rights and Pakistan.
Tahir-Ul-Qadry going for Dharna again
Exclusive With Shaukat Aziz
Rangers aorond Farooq Sattar House
Ramadan 1 day in Pakistan after long
PM Surgery and lot more
PM In London, Video Link and Meeting, MQM and Rangers, Bilawal Bhutto and Meeting in Mirpoor
KPK and Corruption
6 Afghan Agents Arrested in Balochistan, What is the story?
New Taliban Leader, PSP got New Memberships, lot more.
CH Nisar with Press today, lot more.
Drone Attack and Pakistan Stance.
Top Stories of the day
Top News of the day
PM and Parliament
Panama Leaks and New Imran Khan now!
Top News of the day
Top Stories of the day
Top News of the day
Top News of the day
MQM and Troubles, lot more.
MQM and Troubles, Investigations in London, Panama Leaks and Pak Politics.
Karachi Operation is getting hot! MQM is in Trouble, PTI started Corruption from Sindh, Panama Leaks and Opposition, Pakistan India Talks.
Top Stories of the day
Army and Accountability, lot more.
Terrorism in Karachi, Charges on MQM Talk With Shehar Yar Niazi
COAS Statement, PM Returned home, Panama Leaks, Accountibility is important, MQM and Mustafa Kamal.
Chotu Gang and Operation, MQM wants time from COAS, Mustafa Kamal took 1 more Wicket, Panama Leaks and Commission.
MQM and Investigations, Panama Leaks and Issues.
Panama Leaks, Issues, PMLN, PTI, PPP.
Panama Leaks, PTI aur Imran Khan Itajaj, PTI Elections Multawi, Altaf Hussain aur RAW
Panama Leaks and Commission, Imran Khan and Politics, Parliament and PTV, lot more.
Elections in NA 245, Pakistan India Relations, Panama Leaks, lot more.
Panama Leaks, Elections in NA245, lot more.
Panama Papers, PM Speech and Lot more.
Panama Leaks and Nawaz Sharif Family. Talk With Hussain Nawaz
Sindh, MQM and Mustafa Kamal, PTI is in Trouble about elections, PCB and Problems.
RAW Agent is Exposed, Islamabad Protest is ended, Karachi Protest is still going on, Pakistan Cricket more and more Politics
Islamabad Sit In Ended, what had happened?
Possible Operation in Islamabad, Raw is Involved in Pakistan, lot more.
PM Speech, unclear, Operation in Punjab, Lahore Blast. lot more.
Show is hosted by Junaid RAW Agent is Indian, india Admitted, Musharraf is Thanking GOV PCB got 3 months to improve, lot more.
Mustafa Kamal in Heidarabad, K4 Project for Karachi and lot more.
Hosted By Mohummad Junaid, New JIT about Corruption in Sindh, Mustafa Kamal Launched his Party, CH Nisar is in trouble,
Show is Hosted By Mohummad Junaid, #PathankotAttack #T20WC and Pakistan, and #BrusselsAttack
Top Stories of the day, show is hosted by Junaid
Musharraf case and lot more.
Pervez Musharraf case and SC, MQM and Troubles, T20 and Pakistan.
MQM is in great trouble!
A Detailed Discussion on MQM and Politics
Saudia is expecting lot from Pakistan, America may not go against Iran, and lot more.
2 more Wickets of MQM, CH Nisar and Politics, Pakistan is not sending players to India for Cricket, Cleaning Campaigne in Karachi.
MQM, AltafHussain, Karachi, Cricket of Pakistan and India, Zardari.
Shahbaz Taseer, Sindh Politics, MQM, SC and Sindh GOV, Pakistan Cricket, WomenDay.
MQM and Politics
Top News of the day
Important News of the day
Top News of March 1st
T20AsiaCup, Terrorists r going to be target strongly, MQM is Appologizing, Census is Postponed, Lot more.
TopNews of the day.
Important News of the day.
Top News of the day.
PSL Final and Topstories of the day.
Terrorists r being arrested and killed in Karachi, Baldia Factory JIT Report, CHNisar VS Sindh GOV, Sindh GOV New NAB PMLN Politics.
MQM is on Hunger Strike, Students r Protesting India, PSL in Next Round, American Elections.
Terrorists r inside Sindh, MQM and Rangers, PSL next Round, Karachi Operation and Results, PMLN and NAB.
Top News of the day.
#NAB #PMNawaz #TopNews
Corruption in Sindh, lot more.
Top Stories of the day
Recap of News for Feb 11
Top News of the day
Top Stories of the Day
Top News of the Day
#PIA #Protests #Cricket #PSL #ICC #Top Stories
Top Stories of the day
Schools and Security Issues, NAP and Meetings, and lot more.
Recap of News for the day.
COAS Extension and lot more.
Top Stories of the day!
Dr. ImranFarooq Case, BKU Attack
BachaKhanUniversityAttack and lot more.
Saudi Iran Conflict and Pakistan
Recap of News for the Day
#Karachi #Sindh #PakIndia
Recap of Top Stories for the day!
#Sindh #CPEC #Bilawal #SaudiIran
Pathankot Attack, Imran Farooq case and lot more.
Pathankot Attack, and Imran Farooq case.
#ImranFarooq #SaudiForeignMinister
#SaudiIranConflict #Karachi #Pakistan
#SaudiIranConflict #PathankotAttack
Impacts of Daesh in Pakistan, Meeting of PM and CM Sindh News from Inside.
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Ke Saath
Mardan Blast, the Issues of NAP, NAB, Sindh GOV Politics of PPP and lot more.
Karachi issues r getting hard and rough, lot more.
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Ke Saath
VIP Culture, Elections in Lodhran, Sindh GOV VS Rangers
elections in Lodhran, issue of Rangers in Sindh, MQM is in trouble, Imran Farooq case.
Sindh GOV VS Rangers, Mayor for Karachi powerless, Women for IS r active in Karachi.
Sindh Assembly and Rangers, what is going to happen? is Mr Zardari coming back? MQM and Sindh Gov about LB
Meetings Held in Karachi and much more
Sindh operation, Pakistan India talks, Pakistani cricket and much more

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