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Hamid Mir born 23 July 1966, he is a Pakistani journalist, news anchor,and security analyst. He currently hosts the political talk show Capital Talk on Geo TV Monday to Thursday 8:05 PM. and also writes columns for Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, and English newspapers. he has also received the Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Pakistan's second highest civil award.

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Should PMLN Stop Criticizing JIT?
demand of Opposition from PM Nawaz Sharif of Resignation!
Pakistani Politics is getting Harsh.
Core Commanders Conference and DGISPR
Core Commanders Conference, Sindh CM giving Warning to Federal Government.
Kulbhushan Yadave and Indian Reaction
Kulbushan Yadave and Issues
Raza Rabbani's Statement about Democracy
Saudi Military Alliance and Pakistan!
Exclusive Interview with Exe President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari
PM's Speech in a PMLN Meeting today and other issues.
Corruption in Sports and other issues.
Special Show on International Women day
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Lahore Attack, PSL Spot Fixing
Lahore Bomb Attack
Kashmir Issue and PMLN Government
Exclusive talk with Khuaja Asif
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Panama Hearing of the day and House Arrest of Hafiz Saeed
Panama Case and Today's Hearing
top stories of the day
SC Orders Government to submit Census date
Panama Case, Imran Khan's Media Talk.
Change of Command took place today, lot of challenges for him, India is launching bigger Aggressions against Pakistan.
Appointment of New Army Chief, what would be challenges?
Blame Game Politics
Indian Aggression on LOC
Exclusive Interview with Asif Ali Zardari
Turkish President in Pakistan! India is firing on Loc.
PTI Boycotts Parliament Joint
Indian Aggression on Loc
Trump as new President in America!
US Elections and Trump is President Elect, what would be Policies?
American Elections.
Can Supreme Court Form TOR's On Panama Case ?
Exclusive Talk with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Will Government Arrest Imran Khan?
Terror Attack in Quetta
Exclusive Talk with Ahsan Iqbal and Shah Mahmood Qureshi on PTI's protest
Panama case, notices r issued.
Issues of Mustafa Kamal Vs Ishrat-Ul-Ibad
PTI Changes date for Protest!
Top News of the day
Are We United On Internal Issues ?
Imran Khan and his Protest on October 30th
Saarc Summit is postponed, and lot more.
Indus Water Treaty and Pakistan's Stance
Pakistan India Tension
PM Speech in UNO Media Freedom and lot more.
Top News of The Day
India's Blame Game and Uri Attack!
All arrangements 'made' for Hajj pilgrims were alright?
terrorists and connections, how should this all be dealt?
By Elections in Karachi, Politics of Protests, Shafqat Mahmood PTI, Mola Bakhsh Chandio PPP, Rana Tanweer Hussain PMLN.
Defence day special, program from Chwinda in Sial kote
Raiwind March and PTI and lot more.
big statements today, DG ISPR, Coas, PM. MQM London is again active, Nihal Hashmi, Saleem Mandwi Wala, Dr. Aamir Liaqut, and Salman Mujahid Baloch.
Punjab Govt issued a notice to Hamza Ali Abbasi, Rallies in Punjab in coming month.
new Mayor for Karachi, Govt moved a reference to UK Govt against Altaf Hussain, Mohummad Zubair PMLN, Arif Alvi PTI, Imran Zafar Laghari PPP.
Exclusive Interview with CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah
what is future of MQM? will it get banned? Exclusive with Dr. Farooq Sattar.
Exclusive Interview With Chairman PTI Imran Khan
MQM and Changes in it's Operations, changes in Leadership?
MQM and Attack on Media Offices in Karachi.
Exclusive Interview with Khuaja Asif
Exclusive Talk with Khursheed Shah
all political parties r going to court against each other, PTI is Launching Pakistan March.
References against Each other by PMLN and Opposition in National Assembly, Modi and his speech.
A Special Program on Independence day of Pakistan
remembering Haneef Muhammad the Cricketer, an other attack in Quetta, opposition is talking against Govt. Shah Mahmood Qureshi from PTI.
Quetta Attack and Speeches in National Assembly, lot more.
Quetta Attack and poor Conditions.
Quetta Blast, Terrorism in Balochistan.
Remembering those who died, and joined capital talk sometime in their lives
is Pakistani Security facing some serious issues?
Political and Constitutional issues of Pakistan, Zafrullah Khan, Sayyad Ali Zafar, Kamran Murtaza.
Rights of Non Muslims and Conditions in Pakistan
Exclusive Talk with David Hale US Ambassador to Pakistan
Confessions of Waseem Akhtar and his denial, Investigations on events of May 12th 2007 should be made.
the Killing of 2 security personals in Karachi, change of CM Sindh, will it change something?
CM Sindh Change, implications! PTI and Politics.
AJK Elections
Black day on Kashmir, PTI is coming on rodes, AJK and Elections, Guests r, Chaudhry Birjees Tahir, Jahangir Tareen.
MQM and Troubles, lot of Arrests, Tage Haider, Nihal Hashmi, Kamil Ali Agha, Salman Mujahid Baloch r the guests.
Turkey Coup Attempt and Comparison With Pakistan, Imran Khan statement and discussion, Guests r, Sheri Rahman, Naeem-Ul-Haq, Rana Tanweer Hussain.
Why India is so Brutal in Kashmir? what should Pakistan do? Guests r, Mir Woiz Umar Farooq, Molana Fazl-Ur-Rahman
SC took Notice on ECP, Opposition and GOVT r in Talks about new members of ECP, talk about Yaom-EShuhada-eKashmir, lot is going on in Kashmir, Guests r, Muhammad Zubair, Senator Saeed Ghani, Aasia Andarabi.
Top News of the day
Atrocities of Indians in Kashmir, Tribute to Edhi, Guests r, Ahsan Iqbal, Amjad Shuaib.
Cricket is being Played in Ramadan.
Security of the Artists, what is happening in Karachi? Remembering Amjad Sabri,
should PM come to Karachi or Lahore? Attack in Istanbul , Guests r Senator Saeed Ghani, Ali Muhammad Khan, Talal Chaudhry from PMLN, Mujeeb-Ur-Rahman.
Opposition is moved to ECP against Govt, what is next? will these Parties come on rodes? Guests Khurram Dastagir, Sardar Lateef Khosa, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid.
Possible Movement against Govt, guests Qamar Zaman Kaira, Abdul Qadir Baloch, and Naeem-Ul-Haq.
Exclusive Interview With Chairman PTI Imran Khan.
Remembering Benazir Bhutto, Top News of the day.
should Politics be done on rodes?
Torkhum Border clashes, TUQ is active for an other dharna.
Torkhum Border Clashes, Honor Killings and Respect of Women In Pakistan.
Terrorism in America
Water Issues in Pakistan and Specially in Karachi
Deadlock in Tors Committee, what is going to happen?
Upcoming Budget and issues
President Spoke to the Parliament
PM Surgery
PM in London, Meetings on Video Link
Panama Commission discussing Tors
Why No Protest on Drone by Opposition?
Top Stories of the day
PM and Parliament
Ali Gilani is coming back, Panama Leaks.
World Freedom Day, MQM Worker Died, Opposition and new tors
Panama Leaks and Opposition Alliance
Atomic Security of Pakistan
Heart of Asia Meeting in India, Pakistan India Talks. what is going to happen?
Remembering Sardar Sorang Singh, Panama Leaks and Issues.
Accountability and Issues
Rajanpoor Operation is ended, Terrorism in Karachi, Panama Leaks and Issues.
Panama Leaks is a big Issue since many days, Statement of COAS . Corruption must be Accountible.
Siasi Akharra, Zaati Rehaish-Gaahain, Kya Ho Ga?
Rana Sanaullah is chalanging Imran Khan, Panama Leaks and Investigations, PM is in London, What is going to happen?
Yom-eDastoor, Panama Leaks aur Hamari Siasat.
Interview With Chairman PTI Imran Khan
PTI and MQM in NA245, National Assembly and Panama Leaks.
National Security Meeting, Opposition and Panama Leaks.
Panama Leaks and Pakistani Politics
Panama Papers and Nawaz Sharif Family, can we Investigate?
how Islamabad protesters r sent back? Interview with Ishaq Daar
Islamabad Protest is ended, how did al happen? what is Reality?
Arrest of RAW Agent, Sit In of Islamabad.
Lahore Blast, Terrorism and Operations, Islamabad Dharna.
Meeting of National Assembly, Raw is Involved in Terrorism in Pakistan, 1 is Arrested from Raw
A Special Talk with Aitzaz Ahsan on Pakistan Day.
Brussels Attack, Troubles for Muslims? Joint Parliament and lot is going on!
Musharraf left, Joint Parliament meeting.
Why Musharraf is allowed?
Important News of the day.
MQM and Politics
Zardari is saying lot, PPP and Politics, MQM is still in Trouble.
Pakistan India Cricket, what and where is the Problem?
#ShahbazTaseer #Detentions
MQM and Mustafa Kamal, what is going to happen now?
Top News of March 2nd
Top News of March 1st
Asif Zardari and Politics of PPP
PSL Final, Talk About Cricket and PPP Politics, Zardari and COAS
A Special Talk With ImranKhan Leader of PTI
OrangeLine Project and Objections
NAB and GOV, what is going to happen?
NAB and PM , why he is angry?
AJK Politics, PMLN and PPP
PSL and Future of Cricket in Pakistan
#AbdulAziz #PIA Issues
#PIAStrike #PTI #protest #ImranKhan #KashmirDay
#PIAStrike #PIA #Balochistan
Interview with Sayyad Khursheed Shah
COAS Extension
NAP and BKU Attack
Interview of Hussain Nawaz
Saudi Iran and Pakistan
Why Talks Suspended in Pakistan and India?
#ARYNews #QuettaBlast #Jalalabad
#DHALahore #Corruption
#CPEC #KPK #Balochistan
A Special Program on Pakistan India Relations.
Saudi Iran Conflict, Pakistan India Relations.
Adnan Sami is Indian now! but why is it being an issue?
Will we be able to end Terrorism from Pakistan? in 2016?
A special Interview of Imran Khan, how was politics of PTI in 2015? and what r they Expecting from 2016?
Visit of CM Sindh to Islamabad, What can we Expect??. Meeting about CPEC
Capital Talk
KPK Gov is ending VIP Culture.
VIP Culture in Pakistan, what should be done? Security is important! Elections in Lodhran.
what would happen in Sindh now? Islamabad is standing with Rangers!
Gas Load Management what is the issue?
show is hosted by Usama Ghazi, APS attack, Sindh operation.
hosted by Usama Ghazi, Sindh operation, extention of Rangers. guests r Senator Nihal Hashmi PMLN, senator Rubina Khalid PPP, Genral Amjad Shuaib, Khurram Sher-zaman PTI
show is hosted by Usama Ghazi, the issue of Rangers. guests are Nafisa Shah PPP, Mohummad Hussain MQM, Faisal vada PTI, Talal CH PMLN.
the show is hosted by Usama Ghazi. Meeting about Karachi operation. talks to Mola-Bukhsh Chandio, Mr Nihal Ahmad, and Salman Mujahid.

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