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Capital Talk with Hamid Mir

Capital Talk with Hamid Mir

Hamid Mir born 23 July 1966, he is a Pakistani journalist, news anchor,and security analyst. He currently hosts the political talk show Capital Talk on Geo TV Monday to Thursday 8:05 PM. and also writes columns for Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, and English newspapers. he has also received the Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Pakistan's second highest civil award.

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can Opposition Alliance become some big reality?
how Imran Khan turned PTI in to a big party?
lot of challenges for Imran Khan after he would become Prime Minister!
Special Interview with President PMLN Shahbaz Sharif!
how is the election campaign going on?
Nawaz Sharif K Jail Jaanay Sey PMLN Ko Faida ya Nuksaan?
Nawaz Sharif Ka Bayania Kidher Gaya?
Special Program on attacks on Election Rallies!
Exclusive Interview with Molana Fazlurrahman!
kyia Nawaz sharif ko saza ka faida ya nuksan?
Imran Khan and issues of the daughter!
Exclusive Interview with Foreign Minister of Pakistan Khuwaja Asif!
Exclusive Interview with Ahsan Iqbal

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