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Apas Ki Baat with Muneeb Farooq

Apas Ki Baat with Muneeb Farooq

Aapas Ki Baat Monday to Wednesday 11:05 PM on Geo News is hosted by Muneeb Farooq, Muneeb Farooq is young Journalist and has great ability to put right questions at right time to get concrete Analysis from his guests.

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Exclusive Interview with Reham Khan
Why Shahbaz Sharif giving Explanations?
is Pakistani State Reason for sending terrorists to India? what Nawaz Sharif Actually Said?
South Punjab, Politics, PTI! Asghar Khan Case, SC!.
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Elections r coming! what is going to happen?
detailed discussion on Pakistani Politics!
Exclusive Interview with Maryam Nawaz!
do we have any Policy for Drone Attacks?
Why PTI is trying to change Leader of the Opposition?
will Sharif Face accountability in real?
Results of NA 120 and Questions on Elections 2018!

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