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Aapas Ki Baat Monday to Wednesday 11:05 PM on Geo News is cohosted by Najam Sethi and Muneeb Farooq, Najam Sethi is Renown Journalist, Analyst. Editor in chief Friday times, 16th and Caretaker Chief Minister for Punjab. The Cohost Muneeb Farooq is young Journalist and has great ability to put right questions at right time to get concrete Analysis from Mr. Sethi.

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Karachi Issues and Karachi Politics
4 years of PMLN Govt, what they had done?
Exclusive Interview With Sheikh Rasheed
Hussain in front of Panama JIT, cases against Imran Khan.
Hussain Before Panama JIT and Other issues
Hussain Nawaz is Objecting on 2 members of JIT, Imran Khan and Foreign Funding Case,
Crackdown on social Media and other issues
Arab Islamic American Summit is it against Iran? why PM Nawaz went? Panama JIT submitted First Report, Social Media Activists and Crackdown.
What is the real story of CPEC? what is this Dawn Leaks 2?
Kulbhushan Yadave Case in ICJ
why Dawn Leaks report not being published?
Dawn Leaks and other issues
(Dawn Leaks, Civil Military Relations)
is big3 over in Cricket? Ehsanullah Ehsan in his statement, Political show is going on after Panama Decision.
Will Dawn Leaks Report Satisfy All Stake Holders?
Panama Verdict and JIT
India's Reaction on Kulbhushan's Sentence and other issues.
Kulbhushan Yadav and his Punishment a detailed discussion.
Terrorism in Lahore and other issues
Naeem-Ul-Haq's Statement an other U turn about election 2013?
Imran Khan and Army Chief Meeting and other issues.
was there any deal on Dr. Asim?
PMLN Vs PPP and other issues.
r we going to see elections soon?
Asif Zardari's Important Statements
Military Courts, Students Clash in Punjab University, PM with his MNA's
Who would Punish players in spot Fixing? Sharjeel Memon and Farooq Sattar's Arrest what did it mean?
Hussain Haqani's Allegations, Indian Elections, Karachi Conditions.
Women day and Conditions in Pakistan, Fata Reforms and Electoral Reforms.
what was Imran Khan's Statement about Foreign Players of PSL? why he said so?
PSL Tickets and issues.
PSL Final, ECO Meeting, and lot more.
PSL Final in Lahore, big day it is! what is the issue of Military Courts?
Operation radulfasaad, Rangers issue, Panama Case, PSL Final.
Panama Case, Operation in Punjab.
PSL Final in Lahore and Rangers in Operation in Punjab
New Terrorism in Pakistan
Lahore Attack and Conditions after! talk about PSL Final
Lahore Attack and lot of other issues.
Interior Ministry Approves Issuance of Red Warrant Against Altaf Hussain
Hate Speech And the PSL t20 2017
Indus Water Treaty and issues.
Trump and his Policies towards Muslims, Hafiz Saeed and Issues.
Issue of Missing Bloggers
Panama Case is going where? do we need Metro busses?
Panama Issue, where is it going? PTI and cases against it.
Will Pakistan Super League Final be played in Pakistan? Will International Cricket return to Pakistan? Will Donald Trump be friendly toward Pakistan?
Panama Leaks and current political development
Raheel Sharif's Decision, Military Courts Extension, Panama Hearing, NAB rules possible changes.
Salman Taseer Ki yad, Panama Leaks aur Aitazaz Ahsan ki Harangi
new evidences present in panama case
Javed Hashmi's Allegations against Imran Khan, Imran Khan on Election Commission.
forecast for 2017
will something get changed after Bilawal and Zardari's Entry in Parliament?
Asif Ali Zardari Surprise Announcement
Asif Ali is coming back, is there anything changed in Pakistani Politics?
Pervaz Musharraf gave an Important Interview, Asif Ali Zardari is coming back, change of IG Sindh is on leave.
Quetta Commission Report and Pakistani Politics, Why Ch Nisar is so Angry?
Parliament had lot today, PPP and it's Stance.
Ultimatum Of PPP, and lot more.
Promotions and New Appointments in Army, Panama Case in Next month now!.
Pia Plane Crash 47 people died.
what would be answers of those 3 Questions asked by Court with PMLN? PPP and Politics in Punjab, America and Kashmir.
Heart of Asia Conference
Panama Hearing in Court, was it a good day for PTI? PPP had a big day in Lahore today, Can PPP come back in Punjab? Pakistan India Relations.
Raheel Sharif's Last Speech Analysis
New Chief, lot more.
Bitter Truths About Pakistan
PTI with new attorneys now, Zardari would come back?
New Coas, Asif Ali Zardari and his Politics, what would happen in PPP's Politics.
Pak Turk Schools Ka Kya Hoga?
Panama Hearing, more documents presented, Musharraf and Politics.
what does Indian Aggression on LOC mean? CPEC and Taliban! MQM and it's Politics and Musharraf.
US Elections how and why Trump had won it? what the world would expect from him? Change of Governor in Sindh! why? is MQM Pakistan going to opt Musharraf as leader?
Panama Case Hearing in Court! can Sc make Tors? Dawn News Leaks Story and Investigations, Smog in Lahore.
Panama Leaks --- Kya Opposition Ko Insaaf Mil Paye Ga
Who Won ? Government or PTI
lot of accusations in Pakistani Politics, what will happen on November 2? issues of NAB in Court and lot more.
Quetta Incident, how and what should be done to prevent such an incident?
PMLN Party Elections and lot more.
Hot Politics of Pakistan! Imran Khan is Planning for some Huge Protest! PPP a Huge Gathering in Karachi, 4 Demands of Bilawal Bhutto, MQM and it's Politics.
Part-2 of Special Program on CPEC
Pakistan India Tension, what will happen to the Saarc Meeting if India does not join it?
India's Stance on Pakistan
PM's Speech in UN GA
Indian Allegations on Pakistan on Uri Attack, PAC and it's Meeting, MQM London and MQMP distances.
is India behind Uri Attack?
PTI and protests in Karachi, Imran Khan marching towards Raiwind, ECP and Issues, MQM still in trouble, Banners in the city.
Protests, Hot Politics, and Top Stories of the day.
India USA Pact and impacts for Pakistan, anti-Government Movements and Opposition, MQM and Politics.
Mayor for Karachi took Oath, came from Jail and went back, what will happen? MQM is already going thru a hard time. SC Returned Petition against PM, what is future of PTI and it's Politics? PK Govt sent a reference to UK Govt against Altaf Hussain.
Imran Khan is moved to SC on Panama Leaks, Kashmir and Pakistan's Stance, MQM and Politics of Karachi.
still talk about Karachi Politics and MQM, an other speech by Altaf in America, new Mayar for Karachi, Ch Nisar visited Karachi and his statements and Meetings.
is MQM going thru some hard Decisions? what is the reality? Why Aamir Liaqut Hussain left MQM?
MQM and Attack on Media Houses
ECP and Notices issued to PM, Tors still deadlock, MQM left Opposition Committee, India is coming to dialogue.
Imran Khan is going to the Courts now, also launching Protests, what is going on PPP Vs PMLN? Mahmood Khan Achakzai is called in ECP.
Pakistan's win in London, Modi and his statement.
why West is Tilted Toward India? Talk with Dr. Moeed Yousaf
what will happen to the Protests?
Rangers issue is resolved, ECP and PM, Bahria Town and issues in courts.
Rangers Issue Sindh Govt and Center, Cyber Crime Bill, interview of Musharraf, and Interview of Imran Khan.
PTI and PAT r going for Protests, can PMLN manage these Protests? the issue of Property taxes, and Sindh and Powers of rangers.
Waseem Akhtar and his Confessions, and then denial, how Important these r? Kargil day in india, Ishaq Daar is saying we might get our money back from outside, and Ashraf Ghani's Interview.
2 killings of Military in Karachi, what would happen to the movement of opposition if they r busy in there own issues, ECP is complete, Kashmir Conditions, where do we stand?
Change of CM Sindh, how and why this all had happened? Appointment of new ECP Members, PTI and it's politics.
Top Stories of the day.
Owais Shah is Rescued, Arrests in Karachi and Lot more.
Turkey Coup Attempt, what were the reasons? what would be result? Comparison with Pakistan, Pakistan won in Lords, Sindh and Rangers.
Aafridi statement about Talent of cricket in Pakistan, Pro Army Banners and the issue is still hot, is Opposition united?
what r the banners in Favor of COAS? what is the Reality?
Tribute to Edhi, PM is Back, Opposition is getting ready for Protests, lot more.
Attacks in Turkey, why and what is going on? Conditions in Karachi, lot of Rains and Government is not ready, what should be done?
Sartage Aziz said Pakistan is doing good India could not get NSG Membership, Bilawal Bhutto and his Politics, Dr. Asim Hussain still in trouble.
A detailed talk on Brexit and top News of the day.
Killing of Amjad Sabri, Karachi Operation and Conditions, KPK GOVT gave budget for Dar-Ul-Uloom Haqqania, interview of Imran gone on air on Geo News talk about it.
son of CJ SHC got Kidnapped, Ayan Ali case and Politics, talk about Foreign Policy, Pakistan India Relations, lot more.
Tors and still Deadlock, Panama Leaks and Survey, Leaked Videos.
Zarb-E-Azb 2 Years now! Dr. Asim Video, what is the story? Talk about a TV Show and Women
Torkhum Border Clashes, where is our Foreign Policy? still Deadlock on Tors, what is going to Happen?
#PoliticalInterests #Bilawal #OrlandoShooting
Respect of Women and Parliament, Will India Be Able to get membership of NSG Group?
Farooq Sattar and Rangers House lot more.
Pakistan India Relations, Pathankot, PTI and Issues Inside
Top Stories of the day
PM Surgery, Deadlock in Tors Committee, FIR on Noshki Drone Attack.
PM is In London, Video Links and meetings, Drone Attack in Noshki, FIR is registered, COAS and Meeting With CM Punjab
COAS Protested on Drone
Politics of Pakistan is in London today, Commission is formed about Panama Leaks, CH Nisar in Press today.
First Ever Drone Attack inside Balochistan.
Top News of the day
PM in Parliament, Opposition Walked Out, what is going to happen?
Opposition with 7 Questions
Opposition Tors and CH Nisar, PTI Jalsas and Women, lot more.
Opposition Alliance and Tors
Panama Leaks, Opposition Alliance, Osama Operations and 5 years.
Pakistan Ki Khraja Policy Kahan Ja Rahi Hai?
Fight in Pervaiz Rasheed and Shafqat Mahmood, Panama Leaks and Politics, lot more.
Panama Leaks, GOV and Opposition, what would happen now? Paksar Zameen Party and First Meeting. Army Chief and Accountability Issues.
Terrorism in Karachi, Panama Leaks and Commission, Chotu Gang and Operation.
COAS and Statement, What did it Mean? GOV is still Confused About Commission on Panama Leaks, PM is Returned home.
Panama Leaks and Issues, Judicial Commission and its Formation, What r Issues? Chotu Gang and Operation, KPK and Politics.
COAS in Gawaader, Panama Leaks, PM Left for London. Tahir-Ul-Qadri also Spoke today.
PTI and Opposition r getting united on Panama Leaks against PMLN, what would happen?
PTI Intashar Ka Shikaar, PTI Aur Panama Leaks, Huqoomat Mushkil Meyn.
Panama Leaks, Judicial Commission, PMLN and SKH. Afghan Agent is Arrested from Balochistan.
PM Speech and Panama Leaks, how will it be Investigated? Punjab Operation GOV and Establishment r on 1 page? Bilawal Bhutto Speech and Comments.
Panama Leaks and what is Being Said about it? is there something New? Remembering Zulfikar Bhutto, Bilawal gave his speech.
Islamabad Protest, how did all Unfold? JIT for Pathankot Attack is in India, will it get some Results after the Arrest of RAW Agent in Pakistan?
RAW Agent and DGISPR, Islamabad Protest and Rit of the State.
Lahore Blast, Operation in Punjab now, what would be Result of this? what is the sit in of Islamabad?
Pakistan Day, where r we standing? Mustafa Kamal Launched his Party how will he do? Ex CJ Iftikhar Ch said fewer things, lets see what is that! Iranian Head coming.
Brussels Attack 35 People got Killed, MQM is Protesting, Musharraf left and New Direction of Pakistani Politics.Pakistan and India Relationships.
Musharraf Left, GOV is Facing big Opposition, what is Next? MQM more Wickets, will it Hurt Support of People for MQM?
Operation Zarb-E-Azb, Pemra is Active, Women Protection Bill is a hot topic
MQM and Politics, Pakistan India Dialogue, lot more.
MQM and AltafHussain, Private Schools in Punjab, Cricket and Possibilities.
#ShahbazTaseer #WomenDay #MQM #Karachi #SC #SindhGOV #T20
MQM and Mustafa Kamal, Why it is Happening?
Top News of the day.
TopNews of the day.
Success of PSL, what r plans for next PSL? Asif Zardari and Denial from PPP, Gen Kiani and America.
Important News of Pakistan.
NAB and Accountibility, PathankotAttack FIR is Registered. CJ is saying no good money is given to healthcare.
MQM, Altaf Hussain given back his Passport, NAB in Punjab, PPP is making some changes? AJK Politics.
#NAB #NawazSharif #CHNisar #Daesh , Lal Masjid #PMLN #PPP #Ajk #Politics
Important News
Our Leadership and Problems
PMLN GOV and its 2.5 Years
MQM and Najam Sethi, PSL, will cricket be Improved in Pakistan? and lot more.
#UzairBaloch and lot more.
Ex CJ and the Car he is given, Pakistan did Better in Corruption, MQM is Protesting on LB Powers
remembering Wali Khan of ANP, Pakistan Afghanistan Relations, Saudi Iran Conflicts.
#Saudi#Iran #Defence of #Pakistan #Musharraf
Saudi Iran Conflicts and Pakistan, Pakistan India Relations after Pathankot, lifting Ban from Youtube in Pakistan
Pakistan India Dialogue, Attack in Quetta, Attack in Jalalabad.
DHA Issues, Pakistan India Talks, Politics of PPP
CPEC, Saudi Iran, Pakistan and India, and Pakistani Politics.
Saudi Iran Conflicts.
Detailed Recap of News
Pathankot Attack! what is the story? what would happen to dialog of IndoPak? and lot more!
this is the last program of 2015, A review of top stories of 2015, what r we expecting in 2016? what CM Sindh has gotten from Islamabad?
Operation Zerb-eAzb why terrorists r still attacking? Mardan Blast!! COAS Visit to Afghanistan, what would be the results? What is going to be Politics of Zardari?
PM Nawaz Sharif Visited Karachi, what is going to happen in clash of Sindh GOV and Center? what was visit of Modi? what can we Expect?
Elections in Lodhran! what would be the impacts? VIP Culture took 1 life in Karachi!, Sindh GOV VS Islamabad.
Sindh GOV and Islamabad! MQM is again in trouble! Elections in Lodhran
Discussion on PSL, will it be helpful for Cricket in Pakistan? Sindh GOV VS Rangers, Dr. Asim Case.
Remembering APS attack, what is next about Rangers and Sindh Gov?
what Indian FM had said after going back to India, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq is again in trouble called by ECP, NA 154 by Election December 23, New Cm for Balochistan.
Rangers and Sindh
what is the outcome of the heart of Asia Conference? why Ashraf Ghani was soft at the start and harsh in the end of his speech? where Pakistan and India r going in the talks?
important meetings held in Karachi, case of Dr Asim, Results of LB Pols
arrival of Indian FM, what is going to be in talks? is cricket going to be part of the talks? what would be the result! what is going to happen to PIA
In this show Najam Sethi discusses about the execution of 4 terrorists, operation in Sindh, third phase of LB Pols and lot more.

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