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Nadeem Malik is a Renowned Writer Blogger Journalest Nadeem Malik Live is a flagship current affairs programme of Samaa TV, which goes onair Monday to Thursday at 8pm Live

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Judges Remarks on Panama Issue
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Nihal Hashmi and Issues
Pakistani Economy and upcoming Budget
Top Stories of the day
what is CPEC? will Pakistani Interests be protected?
Top News of the day
JIT for Panama, issues of Pemra, Imran Khan and cases.
What is Dawn Leaks and what is happening?
Panama Case and JIT.
Kulbhushan Yadav and Indian Response, Sindh Govt and China Cutting.
Kulbushan Yadav and his Punishment, Asif Ali Zardari and his Missing Friends.
Top News of the day
fight in Sindh Police, Terrorism in Lahore, how to end this Terrorism?
Army Chief statement and other issues.
Dr. Asim is bailed.
should Raheel Sharif Join Islamic Military Alliance?
Spot Fixing in Cricket and other issues.
Spot Fixing in Cricket and Military Courts bil approved in National Assembly
Sharjeel Memon and Farooq Sattar's Arrest and Issues.
Hussain Haqani's Allegations on PPP and other issues.
Exclusive with Dr. Farooq Sattar
Fight in Parliament
Reservations on Census
Imran Khan's Statement about Players
PSL Final in Lahore.
Exclusive Interview with Mohummad Zubair Governor Sindh
Chairman PTI Imran Khan in an Exclusive Interview
issue of Dawn Leak
Panama Case and Documents by Germans and ICIJ
Panama Case and issues.
BBC Stands on Its Story About London Flats
where Panama Case is going?
Poor Arguments by PMLN lawyer
Foji Adalatay aur current Affairs
Current political issues with Federal Minister Ishaq Dar
Political issues with Federal Minister Ishaq Dar
Abducted SAMAA Reporter Imdad Phulpoto Released
child abuse and Panama Case
what will happen in panama case now
Exclusive Interview with Imran Khan Chairman PTI
PPP in its Rally
PPP To Give Surprise announcement On 27th December
Quetta Commission Report And Government
Ch Nisar is still angry, lot of charges on PPP.
Quetta Commission Report, lot of Politics after that.
PTI is back in Parliament, transfers and new postings in Army.
Panama Case
Panama Case, Karachi Hotel Fire.
PMLN Stance on Panama Case, lot more.
Panama Case, New Evidences, Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan.
Change of Command today.
PTI Kay Paas Naye Saboot..& General Qamar Javed Ki Tayenati Asad Umar PTL, Saeed Ghani,
Exclusive Interview with Khuaja Mohummad Asif
Indian Aggression on LOC
Panama case Hearing in Sc
Exclusive Talk with Saif-Ur-Rahman
changing stance of PMLN in court on Panama case.
Indian Aggression on LOC
Discussion On Panama Case And #NA110 Verdict
Panama Case, what would happen on coming Tuesday?
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Panama Case Hearing in Supreme Court
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Allegations on CM Punjab
Quetta Incident
Tahir-Ul-Qadri is joining Imran Khan's Protest movement.
MK Vs Ishrat Ul Ibad, where is this all going?
Exclusive Interview with Ishrat Ul Ibad
Harsh Words by PM on PTI's Politics.
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Harsh Remarks of Chief Justice Against Govt
Special Program from PIB Coloney Karachi, detailed discussion MQM Pakistan Politics.
Exclusive Talk with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Exclusive Interview with Khuaja Asif
MQM London Vs MQM Pakistan, and Pak Politics.
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Exclusive Interview with Pervaz Musharraf
Raiwind March on September 30th, Uri Attack and Indian Allegations on Pakistan!
Exclusive Interview with Mustafa Kamal
PS 127 By Elections and other issues.
Protests and Rallies, where r we going?
PTI and Rallies in Karachi, where is this all going? Asad Umer PTI, Talal Chaudhry PMLN, Saeed Ghani PPP, Ali Raza Abidi from MQM.
Hot Politics of Pakistan, lot of Protests. Shehla Raza PPP, Khurram Dastagir PMLN.
Exclusive talk with Chairman PTI Imran Khan in a special program
talk about Karachi Conditions and MQM, Hot Politics, MQM Vs MQM London, DG ISPR and his Presser, COAS and his statement.
can MQM be banned?
new mayor for Karachi now, Govt moved a reference against Altaf Hussain to UK Govt, killing of Amjad Sabri also in the news.
can MQM really change it's Constitution?
Pictures of Altaf Hussain r being removed, what is future of MQM? Exclusive with Dr. Farooq Sattar
Exclusive Talk with New CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah
will there be anything changed in MQM after these changes in the Party?
MQM is Protesting, Sharmila Farooqi, Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, Ali Raza Abidi
Top News of the day.
Imran Khan is going to the Court now on Panama Leaks.
Exclusive talk with Sheikh Rasheed
an other Meeting on National Action Plan headed by PM Nawaz, Opposition is saying lot, Pemra Banned Dr. Shahid Masood, Talal Chaudhry PMLN Hamid Khan from PTI, Murtaza Wahab from PPP.
PM Speech in National Assembly, Opposition Walked out, and lot more.
Quetta Attack and Impacts, NAP and Meeting about security.
Quetta Attack and Terrorism, Sheri Rahman, Dr. Arif Alvi, Khurram Dastagir.
Exclusive with Tahir-Ul-Qadri
Protests in August, how will Imran Khan Manage? Exclusive with Imran Khan
it seems Rangers Issue is getting hard in Islamabad and Sindh, Mohummad Zubair, Raza Haroon, Saeed Ghani, Moeed Yousaf, Moeen-Uddeen Haider.
the issue of Rangers in Sindh, PTI and PAT r launching Protests, what will happen? where will PPP go? case of Samia Shahid. Dr. Musaddiq, Dr. Arif Alvi, Nisar Khorro.
Exclusive with Pervez Musharraf
what r conditions in Sindh? Kidnaps of Children in Punjab
Waseem Akhtar's Confessions and then denial about 12th May 2007, Sindh Conditions and Operation.
2 Military persons got killed in Karachi, lot more.
when will Amjad Sabri's Killers be arrested? CM Sindh is being changed, PTI and Protests.
the Issue of Sindh Rangers, AJK Elections
PTI is Launching movement, what will happen?
Arrests in Karachi, what is going on? Dr. Musaddiq, Anwar Mansoor, Raza Haroon, Mola Bakhsh Chandio, and Asif Husnain r the guests.
Why Turkey Coup Attempt got failed? Imran Khan Statement and Comparison With Pakistan, Hamid Khan from PTI, Uzma Bukhari, Salman Akram Raja
SC ordered to Appoint ECP Members soon, soon Rangers Powers r finishing, lot is happening in Pakistani Politics, a Detailed review, Guests r, Shahi Sayyad, Sharmila Farooqi, Raza Haroon, R Gen Ghulam Mustafa.
Kashmir Problems and Indian Brutalities
Imran Khan and third Marriage, seems all rumors, Banners on COAS Extension, what is Actual Story? Guests r, Imran Ismail, Waseem Aftab, Gen Ijaz Awan, Khurram Dastagir Khan.
Edhi Special, Tribute to him, Guests r Faisal Edhi, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Saeed Ghani, Rana Tanveer Hussain, and Raza Haroon.
Exclusive With Sheikh Rasheed
SC took notice on Karachi Police, investigations r going on kidnap of the son of CJ SHC, and killing of Amjad Sabri, Talk with Brother of Amjad Sabri, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, lot more.
some more documents r being presented about panama leaks, Amjad Sabri Killers not arrested yet, Guests r Dr. Musaddiq, Umar Cheema, Shabbar Zaidi, Sardar Lateef Khosa.
how will we end terrorism from Pakistan? Bilawal Bhutto even could not answer to the questions about Sindh Govt, Guests Umar Sharif the Artist, Bushra Ansari, Fakhr-E-Aalam, Ali Muhammad Khan from PTI.
Security Meetings in Karachi, a Detailed Review on the issues, Talk With Mother of Amjad Sabri, more Guests r Dr. Arif Alvi, Shehla Raza, Muhammad Zobair, and Gen Ghulam Mustafa
Exclusive With Chairman PTI Imran Khan.
Exclusive With Khursheed Shah
Chairman NAB and Report Submitted in SC
Exclusive With Sheikh Rasheed
Parliament and lot going on
Civil Military Leadership Holds Meeting in GHQ
Budget 2016 is against interest of Poor People
upcoming Budget and issues
PM Surgery and lot more.
PM is In London
6 Agents Arrested in Balochistan Tors Commission.
Exclusive With TahirUlQadri
Drone Attack in Balochistan, What is Pakistan Stance?
Top News of the day
Top News of the day
PM in Parliament, Opposition Walked out
PM and Parliament
Opposition and 7 Questions on Panama Leaks.
Panama Papers Part 2 is coming.
Panama Leaks and Politics, Exclusive With CH Nisar
Opposition Tors r Rejected by GOVT
Opposition Alliance and Tors
Panama Leaks and Opposition Alliance
Panama Leaks and Pak Politics
Panama Leaks, what is coming on May 9th? and what is going on in Pak Politics?
TORs and Judicial Commission and Possibility of Accountability
Ishaq Dar Exclusive Interview
Rajanpoor Operation is Ended, DGISPR gave detailed Statement about it, Panama Leaks and Issues, COAS and his Statement.
COAS and his statement, PM Returned home, Corruption and Accountibility r bigger issues.
Karachi and Politics, Interview With Dr. Ishrat-Ul-Ibad
Panama Leaks, London Meyn Property, Ab Kya Honay Wala Hai?
Panama Leaks aur Siasat, Pakistani Politics mushkil Meyn!
Panama Leaks, Judicial Commission is being Established, where is Justice?
Panama Leaks and Pakistani Leaders.
Punjab Operation, do we need it?
Islamabad Sit In ended, How did it all happen?
RAW Agent Admitted Involvement of Terrorism in Pakistan.
Lahore Blast and Operation, Islamabad Sit In and where is GOV?
RAW is Involved in Pakistan, Mustafa Kamal Party, PPP and Bilawal in Umar Kot
MQM still in trouble Establishment? what is the story? will Mustafa Kamal Bring some Change?
Pervaiz Musharraf case and Issues.
MQM and Raw, what is the story?
MQM is in trouble.
More Wickets of MQM, Mustafa Kamal, What is Going to Happen?
A Special Talk With Mustafa Kamal
#ShahbazTaseer #KarachiPolitics
MQM New Politics
Top Stories of the day
Possible New Bills for Accountibility in Assemblies.
Asif Zardari and Politics.
Important News
Accountibility and Issues, New Commission is being Established. MQM is going on HungerStrike.
A Special Talk With Itazaz Ahsan
#NAB #PMNawazSharif #Accountibility
AJK Politics and Center, MQM and PM.
PIA Issues
COAS Extension
BKU Attack
BachaKhanUniversity Attack
Saudi Iran Conflict and Pakistan
Saudi Iran Conflicts and Pakistan
Saudi Iran Conflicts and Pakistan, PMLN in its 2.5 years, A special Interview With Imran Khan
What is Nap? and where are we standing?
AKD Case
Latest Pakistani Politics.
FlashBack 2015
Nadeem Malik Live
Nadeem Malik Live
Nadeem Malik Live
Nadeem Malik Live
detailed discussion on LB Pols

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