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Kamran Shahid Started the journey from GC university Lahore,completed his Masters in modern history, went to University of Westminster for higher studies. Returned from UK and joined GCU as Professor of history. Later he joined Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad and Punjab University Lahore He is the author of internationally acknowledged book 'Gandhi and the Partition of India'. Currently he is doing "On The Front " a hard hitting socio- political and Current affairs TV show. Monday to Thursday 8:05 PM on Dunya News. This show intends to present the voice of unheard. Its format include documentaries, topics related to different walks of life,first time discussed on TV, road shows, one on one Interviews and panel discussion with national and international issues, students interaction with leaders, youth questions direct to policy makers, public opinion (Viewers Poll) is a core feature of the program as well.

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is this the right Investigation?
PM before JIT on Thursday
Panama VS Imran Khan Cases
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Why Reservations on 2 members of Panama JIT?
Arab Islamic Summit and PM Nawaz
Exclusive Interview of Pervez Musharraf on Issue of Dawn Leaks.
is PM Nawaz in Trouble? Dawn Leaks, Panama Leaks.
Exclusive Interview of Aitzaz Ahsan
Panama Verdict and JIT, what will happen now?
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad
Kulbhushan Yadave and Indian Threats
Governor sindh's Statement and Sindh Politics.
Terrorism in Lahore, MQM Pakistan and it's White Paper, Panama Case and 1 Year now!
the issue of IG Sindh Police and Sindh Govt.
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Reko Diq Case
Sharjeel Memon and other issues.
Important News of the day
Panama Case decision is about to be announced?
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Establishment Behind MQM Pakistan?
Exclusive Interview with Tahir-Ul-Qadri
Go Go Nawaz Chants in Lahore!
Exclusive Interview with Pervez Musharraf
Lahore Attack
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Exclusive Interview with Aitzaz Ahsan
Tahir Ul Qadri Exclusive Interview
Panama Case of the day
German Daily Highlights Maryam's Connection to Panama Papers
Panama Case and PPP's Rally in Punjab
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Gen Raheel as a chief Islamic Military Alliance and Political issues
Panama Leaks and Islamic Military Alliance
Panama Case , Should PM Nawaz Resign ?
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Supreme Court Questions legal status of Panama Papers
new evidences present in panama case
Government, PTI and panama leaks and latest political scenario
PPP's strategy against PMLN
Civil Military Relations
PPP had a big rally today
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Top Stories of the day
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Deal of Raheel Sharif and Musharraf
Exclusive Interview with Pervaz Musharraf
lot had happened in National Assembly
PTI is back in Parliament!
Top Stories of the day
3 Questions by Court!
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad
Donald Trump's Fawning conversation with #NawazSharif
Exclusive Interview with CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah
Change of Command in Army today.
#PMNawaz To give Farewell dinner in Honour of #ArmyChief
outgoing Coas and Pakistani Politics.
Turkish President in Pakistan!
Panama Leaks Qatar Kay Prince Ka Khat,Turk President's Pakistan Visit
Panama Case and Other Issues.
Corruption in Leaders
Sheikh Rasheed in an exclusive interview
Exclusive with Pervez Musharraf
Imran Khan Power Show In Islamabad.
PTI's Workers arrested, what is plan of govt?
Allegations Of Corruption On @CMShehbaz
Dr. Tahir-Ul-Qadri is joining March.
Exclusive with Sheikh Rasheed
Mustafa Kamal and Ishrat Ul Ibad
Discussion On PTI's Islamabad Lock down And Other Issues
Dawn News story and lot more.
Panama Leaks And PTI's Protest Movement
the News of the day
Saarc Summit is Postponed.
Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Pakistan India Tension
PM Speech in UNO GA and lot more.
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Imran Khan in Parliament. Murad Saeed PTI, Talal Chaudhry PMLN, Sayyada Shela Raza PPP.
PTI and Raiwind March, where this all is going?
Pakistan Military Academy Kakul Special(Part-2)
a special program on Pakistan Military Academy Kakul.
Special program from Karachi public opinion.
Special program on Karachi Politics
Waseem Akhtar is new Mayor for Karachi now, SC Returned rit of PTI.
a detailed discussion References and rits filed against PM.
Altaf Hussain is still leader! is MQM Pakistan Different?
confusion in Politics of MQM, what is it's future?
big News from Karachi, MQM and change in leadership.
Attack on Media Houses in Karachi.
Exclusive Interview with Dr. Tahir-Ul-Qadri Chairman PAT
People r not interested on Panama Leaks! Talk about Terrorism and the issues of Protests. Asma Jahangir, Murad Saeed, Qamar Zaman Kaira, and Dr. Musaddiq Malik.
Exclusive talk with Sheikh Rasheed
Democracy in Pakistan
lot is going on National Action Plan, Bann on Dr. Shahid Masood, Cyber Crime bill is passed.
Quetta Attack and discussions going on, what is going on? PM in National Assembly, lot more.
Exclusive With Pervez Musharraf
Quetta Attack and the Impacts.
CH Nisar in SAARC Meeting, Pakistan and India Relations.
Opposition is moved to ECP Against PM, and lot more.
hosted by Salman Hassan, the issue of Rangers in Sindh is hard.
hosted by Salman Hassan, August and movements of Opposition
Exclusive with Sheikh Rasheed
after Confessions of Waseem Akhtar, detailed discussions on incidents of May 12th 2007
Conditions in Sindh
no changes in Lahore, what is going on in Punjab? is Police doing it's work? change of CM Sindh, what would be changed now?
Kashmir Elections, Special Program.
Exclusive With Hassan Nisar
Kashmir Issues and Pakistani Politics, PPP and Upcoming Elections in AJK, Bilawal in AJK, Rangers and Sindh Police.
Pro Army Banners, r these threat to Democracy? what is going on inn our Politics? Guests r, M Kamran Leader of Move on Party, Ali Muhammad Khan, Raza Haroon, Tariq Fazal Chaudhry.
Exclusive With Sheikh Rasheed
Opposition planning for Protests, CH Nisar is Bursting against Opposition.
Pakhtoonistan issue and Achakzai Statement, Security of the Artists, Guests r Ali Muhammad Khan, Sharmila Farooqi, Maria Wasti, Fakhr-E-Aalam.
Rains and Karachi, Government is Failed, Artists and Security.
Big Question Marks on Security of People after Ali Gilani Interview to BBC, Sindh Conditions, Modi and his new Interview, Guests r Mother of Amjad Sabri, Haroon-Ur-Rasheed, Mazar Abbas.
Women Protection Bill, a Detailed discussion on it.
Politics of Protests and lot more.
Parliament and Hot Politics
Parliament and lot going on
Civil Military Meeting in GHQ
Budget 2016, Deadlock in tors Committee
Economic Survey of Pakistan is Issued, Budget is coming
3 Questions to Nawaz Family by Court!
PM in London and Issues
Issue of 6 Afghan Agents Arrested, CII and Women Protection Bill
Pakistan and America Relations and other issues.
CH Nisar in Press, Drone, what is Actual Story?
Drone Attack and Pakistan Stance
#PakPolitics, Exclusive With Tahir-Ul-Qadry
Top Stories of the day
PM and Parliament
Panama Leaks and Pak Politics, Exclusive With Hassan Nisar.
Opposition with 7 Questions, what would happen in Parliament?
Panama Leaks and meeting of COAS With PM
Panama Leaks and PM should come to Parliament, Exclusive With Sheikh Rasheed
Panama Leaks and Pak Politics, Exclusive With Imran Khan Chairman PTI.
Opposition Tors rejected by GOVT
Opposition Alliance and tors
Discussion on Accountability
Khalid Shameem Vidio and MQM, Politics.
Investigation in London About Dr. Imran Faruq case, and Pak Politics.
Program from Karachi, Politics of MQM and Karachi.
Terrorism in Karachi, Rajanpoor Operation Ended, Panama Leaks and Issues, COAS and Statement.
COAS and his statement, Democracy?
Panama Leaks, Opposition Rejected Judicial Commission, Talk With Sheikh Rasheed.
Panama Leaks and Issues, Talk With Imran Khan Chairman PTI
Sari Dunya Meyn HulChul, Pakistan Meyn Kya Ho ga?
Panama Leaks, Pakistani Leaders, Establishment of Judicial Commission, What are Offshore Companies?
Panama Leaks and Pakistani Leaders, will we have Investigation?
Panama Leaks and Nawaz Sharif
Pakistan and Iran Relationships and RAW in Pakistan.
Islamabad Protest is ended, how did it all happen?
Islamabad Sit In, what GOV should do?
Lahore Blast!
Cricket and Pakistan, Pakistani Politics
Pakistan Day and Launch of A New Party by Mustafa Kamal
Musharraf Case and Lot of Issues related to it.
Musharraf and Issues, Joint Parliament Meeting and lot more.
Pervez Musharraf Case and ECL
Pervez Musharraf and Issues.
MQM and Karachi, lot is going on, what is next?
MQM and Politics
MQM and CHNisar, lot more.
T20 WorldCup, Karachi, MQM.
#Karachi #MQM #MustafaKamal #Politics
A Special Talk With Mustafa Kamal
Top Stories of the day
Top Stories of the day
Top Stories of the day
News Of The Day
Women Protection Bill
Interview With Sheikh Rasheed
#PILDAT #PoliticalParties
#NAB #PMNawaz #ChNisar
AJK Politics
Interview With Imran Khan
PIA Issues
PIA Strike
Why COAS has to Announce? what is Next?
BKU Attack
BachaKhanUniversity Attack
Saudi Iran Conflicts and Pakistan, lot more.
Pakistan India Relations.
Pakistan India Relations.
Exclusive Interview with Hassan Nisar.
Sindh Issues, Rangers. 2015 is ending nice in Karachi.
On The Front
Special program on M.Ali Jina, what was his vision for Pakistan? where are we standing?
Faul of Dhaka, reasons and impacts, Guests r Mujeeb-Ur-Rahman Shami, Haroon-Ur-Rasheed, Iftikhar Ahmad.
Faul of Dhaka, Reasons! guests r MujeebuRahman Shami, Qamar Zaman Kira, Ahmad Raza Kusoori.
what is the issue of rangers in Sindh? guests are Mian Mahmood-ur-rasheed, Salman Mujahid, Danial Aziz, Lateef Khosa
Dr Asim claims being tortured in custody. interview with Sharmila Farooqi to get view of PPP about this. Army Chief and Prime Minister in Karachi , they headed a meeting on operation.
Kamran Shahid interviews Pervez Musharraf in a special program

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