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Shahid Masood came into the spotlight with his program Views On News (launched after 9/11) Asia's longest-running current affairs TV show.His show carried interviews with prominent people from politics, civil life, literature and culture. Ever since 9/11, Masood has been severely critical of the American-led War on Terrorism,although he never supported militancy or extremism. He routinely tends to analyze important issues along controversial lines, such as the Afghanistan,Iran, Iraq and the 2006 Lebanon War.He was the only independent Pakistani journalist who was able to cover three major wars from the combat zones. the Program goes on air Every day on News 1 8:05 PM

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top news of the day
Top Stories of the day
Supreme Court rejects Hussain Nawaz's plea regarding recording
Panama JIT and Other issues
Nawaz Sharif to appear before Panama case JIT on Thursday
Rahman Malik is called in JIT!
JIT and Issues and lot more.
Hussain Nawaz 5th Time before JIT
Hassan Nawaz again in front of JIT and other issues
Supreme Court rages at #nehalhashmi's threats
Hussain Nawaz for 6 hours in Front of JIT, Imran Khan's Cases in SC
Supreme Court dismisses Hussain Nawaz plea against JIT
Panama and Other issues
Chaudhry Nisar Presser on mishandling Social Media
Panama JIT and other issues
Arab Islamic Meeting and other issues.
Trump in Saudi Arabia, what is going on?
Top Stories of the day
Dawn News Leaks, Civil Military Relations, PPP's Movement, and Other issues.
is everything alright??? no!
PM is in China, Terrorism in Balochistan, other issues.
Top Stories of the day
Top Stories of the day
the Government is trying new Attempts on Dawn Leaks?
Top News of the day
Meeting of Coas and PM, what was real story?
Chaman Attack and other issues
Top News of the day
Top Stories of the day
Dawn News Leaks and Army, Panama Leaks and Political Parties.
Dawn News and Army Rejected it.
only Resignation is the solution?
Why Jindal Met PM Nawaz Sharif?
PPP's Dharna Against PMLN Govt.
no NRO for Dawn Leaks Report?
Core Commanders Conference and other issues.
Dawn News Leaks Report would Be Announced on Tuesday, Panama Verdict and JIT.
Inside of Panama Virdict is Exposed!
PM Nawaz's Jalsa in Jakababad
Minus 3 or Minus All?
Uzair Baloch and other issues
Kulbhushan Yadave and Indian Reaction, Missing People of PPP and Panama Case.
Kulbushan Yadav and other issues.
Top News of the day
Important friends of Mr. Zardari r missing! what happened?
Top News of the day
Where is our Prime Minister?
once again terrorism in Lahore!
Zardari and his speech in sindh.
Bhutto's Death Anniversary and other issues.
Panama Verdict is about to be announced!
Imran Khan and Army Chief Meeting and other Issues.
Blast in Para Chanar and other issues.
Dr. Asim and other issues.
is any Grand NRO going on?
PM in Sindh and Other issues
Altaf Hussain's Anti-Pakistan stance
Nation is waiting for Panama Verdict
Pakistan day and other issues.
Spot Fixing and other issues
Gambeling in Cricket and Najam Sethi
r we going to see an other NRO?
Karachi Politics and other issues
Exclusive Talk with Ruhdad Khan Part-2
Courts r free in Pakistan!
Meeting of CH Nisar and PM Nawaz
Hussain Haqani's Statement and new Politics.
Bilawal in Punjab again!
what will happen in Panama Case?
Core Commanders Conference
What would be decision of Panama Case?
when will be decision of Panama?
Inside story of PPP's APC and other issues
PPP invites parties in APC
Dawn News Leaks, Panama Case and FATA Reforms
ECO Summit, All Parties meeting and other issues
Operation Rad-Ul-Fasaad, PSL Final and other issues.
Panama Case and Issues
PPP and All Party Conference
Panama Case and Military Courts!
Operation Rad-Ul-Fasaad
Panama Case and Issues
Panama Case and other issues
r we heading towards Emergency?
Emergency Situation in Pakistan!
Sehwan Bomb blast, Panama Case Hearing
Panama Case Hearing
possible strong Operation in Punjab after Lahore Attack
Is PM Nawaz Sharif Ready To Resign ?
the Issue of Dawn News Leaks.
Bano Qudsia Died, Pakistani Politics and lot more.
Speach Of Khawaja Saad Rafique
Panama Case Ki Hearing Kiya Faisle Ke Qareeb?
Top Stories of the day
DG ISPR's Presser and Panama Hearing.
Panama Case: Sharif Family in Trouble.
Panama Case, First Video Podcast of Podcasts World
Final Phase Of Panama Case
Panama hearing today and other issues.
JI's is presenting it's case in Panama Case, lot more.
PTI's Rally in Kusoor, and other issues.
Terrorism in Para Chanar
Panama Case Hearing, the issue of PM's Speech.
Panama Case Hearing, Rangers extension issue.
Panama Hearing, no money trail yet, what is going on?
Arguments going on in Panama Case.
Panama Case is in it's final stage.
London Flats ka Malik Kon?
Remarks by SC in Panama Hearing, and lot more.
Propaganda Against General (R) Raheel Sharif
Army Chief Ka Pehla Core Commander Ka Aham Ijlas --- Mulk Main Siasi Adam Istehkam. Dr. Shahid Masood Khan
Supreme Court Questioning Sharif's family In Panama Case
PTI had Rally in Bahawal Pur, Next Hearing of Panama Case Tomorrow.
Raheel Sharif Accepted a big post in Islamic Military Alliance!
Panama Case And Military Courts
Panama Case Second day today, what will be new arguments tomorrow?
SC Would Hear Panama Case Every day now!
Naya Saal --- Panama Ka Hangama --- Naye Saboot Kay Saath. 
Government Has Failed To Implement NAP
why Javed Hashmi is talking against Imran Khan?
Mariyam Nawaz Amli Siyasat Main Sargaram..! Dr. Shahid Masood Khan
Mariyam Nawaz Amli Siyasat Main Sargaram..! Dr. Shahid Masood Khan
why Bilawal and Zardari r going to Parliament?
Siyasi Manzar Nama --- Muamlaat Mufahamat Ki Taraf Ya Muzahmat Ki Taraf
Grand Alliance And PPP's Deadline
Jinnah's Vision and Pakistan!
Karachi Operation Ko Tez karnay ka faisla
Top News of the day
Wazarat-e-Dakhla Ba Muqabla Opposition Ya Noon League
General Musharraf Ka Dawa --- Prime Minister Ki Tardeed.
PPP is getting ready for Asif Ali Zardari's Return, what would happen?
Asif Ali Zardari is coming back, what will happen in Pakistani Politics now?
Quetta Commission Report and CH Nisar Press Conference.
2 years of APS Attack
National Assembly Meeting and Protest, Army Chief in Karachi.
Important decisions made in meeting of PTI
New Postings in Army, what would happen on Karachi Operation?
Top Stories of the day
Panama Leaks.. News Leaks.. Kya Mamlaat Dab Gaye..?
Pervaz Rasheed's Press talk after long!
Kya PPP Apnay 4 Mutalbaat Manwa Paye Gi..!
Supreme Court's Three Questions
Awam Qarzon Kay Bojh Taly.. Hukmaran Bay Nayaz..!
2018 Ka Wazir-e-Azam Kaun Ho Ga.. Bilawal Nay Bata Dia..! Dr. Shahid Masood Khan presents a fresh episode of Live With Dr. Shahid Masood
Karachi Operation.. Aaj Sawal Keun Uth Rahy Hain..!
Panama Case Mulk Kay Mustaqbil Ka Faisla Kary Ga..!
Panama Leaks --- Aaj Phir Adalat Main Mutazad Bayanat.
Siyasat Aur Corruption Ka Taluq --- Jatay Jatay Army Chief Ka Naye General Ko Khabardar Karna
Panama Case.. Kya PTI Kay Paas Naye Saboot Aa Gaye..
Challenges for new Coas
PM gone out of Pakistan, Panama Hearing, lot more.
Who Will Be Next Army Chief? when will be announced?
Line Of Control.. Bharat Ki Ghair Elania Jang..!
Dawn Leaks --- Kya Asal Haqaiq Say Pardha Uthay Ga --- Agla Army Chief Kaun Hoga
Army Chief.. Alvidai Durron Ka Aagaz...!
Siyasi Bohran... Kya Khatam Ho Ga..?
Kya New World Order Ki Bunyad.. Qaum Parasti Hog..?
Pakistan Ka Difah Mazboot Hathon Main!
Pakistan Ka Difah.. Naqabil-e-Taskheer Hai..!
Panama Leaks Case --- Wazir-e-Azam Kay Bayan Main Tazad
Karachi ki Siyasat.. Dubai Main Mulaqatain...!!
Former Governor...MQM Ki Akhri Nishani... Lt. Gen (R) Ghulam Mustafa Defence Analyst
News Leaks...Tehqeeqat Ka Aghaz...
Donald Trump...Almi Policy Kya Ho Gi??
پاناما لیک 15 نومبر تک دستاویز تالب Dr. Shahid Masood
Bilawal Bhutto ...Imran Khan Par Tanqeed... Khurram Sher Zaman PTI, Senator Mian Ateeq MQM and Muhammad Javed Anwar CEO Railways
Senator Syed Zafar Ali Shah PML-N
opic : Tehreek-e-Insaf...Hakumat...Match Draw...
What is plan of Government?
Top Stories of the day.
Government's Plan About 2 November Sit-In
r we going to see some big change soon?
Panama Case is in court now
PMLN Elections, Mustafa Kamal and Ishrat-Ul-Ibad and lot more.
an other Meeting of PM and Coas, date is changed by Imran Khan for Protest!
Core Commanders Conference, Dawn News Story and lot more.
Ch Nisar Presser, Dawn News Story still alive, MQM and Politics.
Story Of #DawnNews And Govt Military Relations
Dawn News and Leaks story
Reference against Jahangir Tareen
Discussion on Ban of Dr. Shahid Masood
Ban on Dr. Shahid and Discussion on the details of the decision.
why Dr. Shahid Masood got banned by Pemra? a detailed discussion.
Interior Minister in the Press today, Core Commanders meeting.
an other meeting about NAP, ban on Dr. Shahid Masood.
PM in Parliament!
Core Commander Confrence, and lot more.
Pakistani Politics is heading to a Poor and Critical Conditions
PM headed a meeting today, PM Met COAS, SAARC Meeting and Indian Interior Minister.
Rangers Issue is still on, PM attended a Meeting today, Indian Interior Minister in Islamabad, Opposition is getting ready for Protests.
Sindh Govt and the Issue of Rangers
Meeting chaired by PM and lot more.
New CM for Sindh, PM is still not in Islamabad, ARY is being blocked, lot more.
Top News of the day
new CM for Sindh, MQM is in more trouble,
2 Military Persons got killed in Karachi, Waseem Akhtar and Confessions.
Change of CM in Sindh and lot more.
PM is back, and AJK Elections
Rangers Powers is still hot, Bilawal might go to Dubai, PM is coming to Islamabad, PTI is coming on rodes.
Karachi Operation is getting faster, lot of Arrests, lot more.
PM Health is not good, he could not come to Islamabad, Opposition is getting ready for a movement, Failed Turkey Coup Attempt.
Cabinet Meeting, Black day on Kashmir, Sindh Operation and lot more.
Bilawal in AJK, Lot more.
Core Commanders Meeting, Molana Fazl-Ur-Rahman Met PM, SC took Notice on ECP.
What Our PM is thinking?
PM is back home, Opposition is also Active, what will happen? Tribute to Edhi.
Top News of the day
VIP Protocol and Pakistani People.
PM coming back, Mahmood Khan Achakzai and his statement, Bilawal Bhutto headed a meeting.
Who Has Killed Amjad Sabri? Opposition against PM, lot more.
Meetings in Karachi, PM is not Present, what is going to happen?
high level Security Meeting in Karachi, CH Nisar in Press, PPP is moved to ECP against Nawaz Family, Top News of the day.
PTI is moving to ECP against PM, lot more.
Amjad Sabri is Laid to Rest, son of CJ SHC is still Missing, still deadlock on tors, lot more.
Killing of Amjad Sabri, Karachi Conditions r getting poor, what is going to happen?
after Kidnapping of the son of CJ SHC Karachi Operation will get hard and Fast.
deadlock on tors, lot more.
Remembering Model Town Incident, PTI is supporting, PM Nawaz is getting better, Dr. Asim videos.
Dr. Asim Video, lot more.
Exclusive With Tahir-Ul-Haq
Still Deadlock in tors, lot more.
Panama Leaks, still Deadlock, lot more.
COAS has given strong Message to America
PM is getting Better
Politics in Karachi, Parliament and Women
Civil Military Leadership Holds Meeting in GHQ
Budget 2016 and People
Budget 2016 and Lot more.
upcoming Budget and issues
President Spoke to the Nation.
PM Surgery and lot more.
PM in London, What is Happening?
Meeting of Tors Committee, Balochistan 6 Agents Arrested.
New Leader for Taliban
is Opposition United against GOVT?
PM is In London what is happening? Akhtar Mansoor Killing, What is the story?
Politics is on rodes now!
Opposition in Parliament
PM and Parliament
SC Refused, what will happen now?
PM would come to Parliament on Monday now, Remembering 12th May 2007 no Justice.
7 Questions by Opposition, Imran Khan in Bannu
PM Met COAS, Panama Leaks and lot more.
Panama Papers Part2, Parliament and PM, PTI Jalsa in Peshawar.
PM in Sakhar, Panama Leaks still hot!
When will Investigations Begin on Panama Leaks?
GOVT Rejected Tors of Opposition, What will Happen?
Opposition and Tors, MQM Worker and New Issue.
What Would Happen to Nawaz Sharif?
Panama Leaks, Uzair Baloch, Ayan Ali and lot more.
Panama Leaks still hot
Panama Leaks and Pakistani Politics, Exclusive Talk With Imran Khan Chairman PTI.
Panama Leaks and Pakistani Politics, lot more.
Opposition and PMLN on Panama Leaks
PM Speech and Judicial Commission
Accountability inside Army, what is next?
Terrorism in Karachi, Panama Leaks and Issues, COAS and Statement.
COAS and his Statement, PM is Returned home, what is next?
PM would come back tomorrow, Nothing is decided about Judicial Commission, MQM more Wickets.
PM is in London, Maryam Nawaz tweeted about Unity of the Family, CH Nisar is Defending PM Nawaz.
Pakistani Siasat Meyn Hungama, PM London Ja Rahay Hain, Ab Kya Ho Ga?
PM Nawaz is In Trouble, Ministers r making it hard for him, PTI is Launching a big movement.
Panama Leaks and Opposition
National Assembly met today, GOV and Opposition, Meeting in Army.
Panama Leaks is not new, Media, World is having big News, Pakistan is lying, Talk With Dr. Tahir-Ul-Qadri.
PM Addressed the Nation, A New Commission. Panama Leaks
Panama Leaks and Sharif Family, what is going on?
Panama Leaks and Our Leaders, lot more.
Mustafa Kamal is getting hard on MQM, PCB all day in Media, NAB and Politics.
Pakistan wants help from Iran, India wants Access to RAW Agent, Uzair Baloch is still talking.
Islamabad Protest ended, Punjab Operation is going on! lot more.
RAW Agent and DG ISPR, Sit In of Islamabad
Lahore Blast and Operation, PM Speech, Islamabad Sit In.
Raw Agents and Pakistan, Relationships in Pakistan and India, More Arrests in Karachi.
do we have Operations on the Right Track?
Pakistan day and lot more.
Brussels Attack, Joint Parliament Meeting, lot more.
Joint Parliament Meeting, MQM and Troubles.
Musharraf Case and GOV and Opposition, what is next? lot more.
Musharraf case and GOV and Opposition, Ayan Ali case.
Terrorism in Pishawar, Pervez Musharraf, Ayan Ali
will other Parties get hurt in Mustafa Kamal Move?
Raza Haroon Joined Mustafa Kamal, what is next?
Asif Zardari about Politics, MQM is in still troubles.
MQM, CHNisar, Accountibility.
Talk About An Interview of Zardari, MQM and AltafHussain, TopStories.
#ShahbazTaseer #PM #Meetings #Karachi #MQM
MQM New Politics
Top Stories of the day
News of the day
TopStories of the day.
GreenLine and Karachi, NAB and NAP.
Dr.Asim and NAB, Why Asif Zardari Took Back His Statement?
Important Decisions
Important News of the day.
Rangers and Dr.Asim Case, NAB and GOV.
NAB Meeting, Dr. Asim Issues some Decision is taken, COAS talks about CPEC
NAB Powers, New Commission, Asif Zardari is Reminding GOV his Favors.
#Corruption #NAP
DGISPR and lot more.
Top Stories of the day
#NAP #Operations
#NAP #Corruption #PPP #PMLN #Dr. Asim #UzairBaloch
#KashmirDay #PakistaniPolitics
#NationalActionPlan #Pakistan
PIA Strike and Issues
#UzairBaloch #MQM #PPP
Last show at News 1
COAS Extension and Operations
Top Stories of the Day
#Terrorism #NAP #DGISPR
#Terrorism #Afghanistan #Pakistan
#BachaKhanUniversity #Terrorism #NAP
#Charsadda #BachaKhanUniAttack
Top Stories of the Day
Saudi Iran Conflict and Pakistan
#SaudiIran #GulfCrisis #Pakistan #NAP
Saudi Iran Conflicts and Pakistan, Sindh Assembly and new Laws, Karachi Operation and Rangers.
#NAP #GulfCrisis #PakPolitics
Remembering Arfa Karim, Pakistan India Talks.
What is National Action Plan? Where Sindh Politics is going?
Sindh Issues, Pakistan India Talks
#NAP #DHAValley #Corruption #Afghanistan
#SaudiIran #Pakistan #NAP #GulfCrisis
#NAB #DHA #Saudi #Pakistan #Pakistani #Politics.
Important News for the day!
#ImranFarooqCase #SaudiForeignMinister #NAB
#NAP #ZarbeAzb
Top Stories of Today
#SaudiIranConflict #NAP #Sindh #Corruption
PathankotAttack, ZarbeAzb, GulfCrisis
Clash of Sindh Gov Vs Rangers and Islamabad, Pathankot Attack.
FlashBack 2015, Expectations for 2016, Operation, Rangers, Sindh, Karachi.
Sindh GOV and Rangers issue! Dr. Asim is Presented in ATC, operation Zarb-e-Azb.
Dr. Asim is being Presented in ATC tomorrow! Sindh CM would meet PM in Islamabad, lot more.
GlobalCrisis, Sindh situation, operation Zarb-eAzb.
Remembering BayNazir Bhutto, Sindh issues.
Operation Zarb-e Azb, Sindh Gov vs Rangers, Islamabad
VIP Culture of Pakistan, Sindh GOV and Rangers, informations about Dr. Imran Farooq case
Sindh GOV and Islamabad
Dr. Asim in ATC
Karachi Issues
Karachi issues, Sindh GOV and Islamabad
Live with Dr Shahid Masood
Dr Asim? Sindh Gov and Rangers?
operation Zarbe-azb, APS attack and families.
APS attack, Sindh operation.
Karachi operation and Sindh Rangers
Pakistan India Relations, Sindh operation.
Karachi operation, meetting of PM and COS, arrival of Indian FM, lot more.

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