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Bay Laag with Ejaz Haider : 13232 views

Ejaz Haider is Executive Director of Jinnah Institute and Senior Journalist. He is a Columnist in Express Tribune. He Hosts his program Belaag on Capital TV Friday to Sunday 10:05 PM. always presents a detailed view on any important Political issue, he has his eye on formation of Policies.

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Pakistan's Relations With Neighboring Countries and Border Management!
Chaman Attack and Civil Military Relations
Economic Situation Of Pakistan
New Leadership of America
Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo National Party in an exclusive interview with Ejaz Haider in fresh episode of Belaag
Assembly Kay Hotay Huway National Ordinance Ki Kya Zaroorat Hai. Afzal Shigri Former IGP Sindh, Khawaja Khalid Farooq Former IGP Punjab and Ahmed Pansota Anchor Person Capital Tv
Regulators and steps of Govt. Dr. Musadiq Malik Advisor to PM on Water & Power, Dr. Gulfaraz Former Chairman NEPRA, Advocate Azhar Siddique Law Expert and Khurram Hussain Journalist
Dr. Adil Najam Dean of Pardee School of Global Studies in an exclusive interview
Topic : Qaumi Idaron Main Corruption Ka Bazar Garam.? Tariq Pervez Former Chairman NACTA, Brig (R) Asad Munir Defence Analyst and Barrister Ahmed Pansota Anchor Person Capital Tv
Saneha Quetta Report --- Adalat Hukumat Say Barham. Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo NP, Tariq Pervez Former Chairman NACTA and Brig (R) Asad Munir Defence Analyst
Pakistan Say Phir 'Do More' Ka Mutalba. Captain (R) Khalid Hamza President PALPA, Wing Commander (R) Zafar Iqbal PAF and Owais Tauheed Anchor Person Capital Tv
Sartaj Aziz Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs in an exclusive interview
Hina Rabbani Khar Former Foreign Minister
Pak-India Taluqaat Kis Taraf Ja Rahay Hain..?? Dr. Syed Rifat Hussain Government & Public Policy NUST and Zahid Hussain Analyst
CPEC Ki Ahmiat Kya Hai...? Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo NP, Dr. Safdar Sohail Executive Director Planning Commission Center of Excelence, Dr. Abid Sulehri Executive Director SDPI and Farrukh Hussain Journalist
Lt. Gen (R) Waheed Ashraf Defence Analyst in an exclusive interview
Bharat Ki Golabari Say 20 Log Shaheed Aur 21 Zakhmi Huye..! Zahid Husain Analyst and Major Gen (R) Ijaz Awan Defence Analyst
Modi Ki Policy Aur Is Kay Nataij.... Dr. Riffat Hussain Analyst and Zameer Akram Former Ambassador
Pehlay Bhi PTI Nay Jo Ilzam Lagaye, Sabit Nahi Kar Saki.... Muhammad Zubair Umar Chairman BOI, Advocate Waleed Iqbal PTI and Salman Akram Raja Law Expert
India Ki Aik Aur Nakaam Sazish! Aziz Ahmed Khan Pakistan High Commissioner to India, Major Gen (R) Ejaz Awan Defence Analyst and Ifikhar Rao Voice Admiral Vice Pakistan Navy
Higher Education Ki Surat-e-Hal Nakis..! Dr. Mazhar Saeed DG HEC, Sheikh Ansar Aziz Chairman CDA and Dr Ilhan Niaz Historian
America Ki Siyast Ka Aik Naya Rukh..! Ashraf Jehangir Qazi Former Ambassador and Dr. Riffat Hussain Analyst
American Saddar Ka Intikhab Muslim Comunity Kahan Khari Hai..? Ayesha Tanzeem Journalist, Dr. Ilhan Niaz Assistan Professor Quaid-e-Azam University Moeed Yousuf Analyst and Dr. Sunil Das Gupta
Tragic Incident in Gadani
Kya Supreme Court Khud Taftish Kare Gi.. Ya Taftishi Idaray Istimal Kare Gi..?? Salman Akram Raja Law Expert and Feisal Naqvi Advocate SC
Pervaz Rasheed is fired, PTI and Movement.
PTI Protest and other issues.
Discussion on Foreign Policy
What is National Interest?
Cyril Almeida is Removed From Exit Control List..!
Civil Military Relations. Dr. Musadik Malik Advisor to PM on Water & Power, Zahid Hussain Analyst and Lt. Gen (R) Waheed Arshad Defence Analyst in fresh episode.
is trade with India important? what is going to be result of Protest on Oct 30? Shehla Raza PPP, Dr. Arif Alvi PTI and Muftah Ismail PML-N in fresh episode.
is War solution of Problems? in Pakistan and India? Ashraf Jehangir Qazi Former Ambassador and Zameer Akram Former Ambassador in fresh episode.
Kashmir Issue and Curfew I A Rehman General Secretary HRCP and Asma Jahangir Former President SCBA in fresh episode.
Kashmir and Curfew for 72 days! Aziz Ahmed Khan Former Ambassador, Ahmer Bilal Sufi International Law Expert and Hilal Mir Editor Kashmir Reader in fresh episode.
India and America's Relations. Dr. Rifat Hussain Analyst And Moeed Yousuf Analyst in fresh episode.
is Orange line project a real problem for People? Saroop Ejaz Journalist, Kamil Khan Mumtaz Architect, Rahim-ul-Haq Teacher, Maryam Teacher in fresh episode.
Indo-US strategic partnership and its impact on Pakistan.
discusses internal & external security environment with former DG-FIA Tariq Pervez. and asks Dr Moeed Yusuf about our responses to internal and external security threats. Zahid Hussain gives us his perspective on why we have failed to develop institutionalised responses.
Kashmir and Indian Atrocities, Lt. Gen (R) Waheed Arshad Former Chief of General Staff, Hilal Mir Aditor Kashmir Reader and Iftikhar Gilani Journalist in fresh episode of Belaag on Capital Tv and talk with Ejaz Haider.
chairman NACTA Ihsan Ghani in an exclusive interview
Pakistan's Foreign Policy and it's Challenges.
Pakistan India Relations and Kashmir Issue.
why Pakistan is facing lot of Problems? Haris Khaleeq Poet, Shazia Sultan Regional Coordinator SANGI and Amjad Baloch SPO in fresh episode of Belaag on Capital Tv and talk with Ejaz Haider.
Topic : 12 May Kay Waqia Main Intelligence Agencies Ka Kirdar Kya.? Senator Karim Khawaja PPP, Senator Muhammad Ali Saif MQM and Mazhar Abbas Analyst in fresh episode of Belaag on Capital Tv and talk with Ejaz Haider.
anything will be changed after elections in Kashmir?
AJK Elections, what will happen? Kashmiri People and Indian Brutalities, who would solve the problem?
do we have any Threats to democracy in Pakistan?
how can we finish Extremism from Pakistan?
Why Coup Attempt failed in turkey? and how did the democracy got saved?
Kashmir is Burning again, lot is going on in Kashmir, a Detailed discussion on it.
usage of Drones, what r Legal Implications? detailed talk with Dr. Riffat Hussain, Ahmar Builal Soofi.
a Detailed Discussion on Pak Afghan Relations, in the Light of Mahmood Achakzai Statement, Guests r, Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Raheem-Ullah Yousafzai, and Asad Muneer.
Detailed talk about PTI and Commitments of Naya Pakistan, what happened to those commitments? now PTI is moving to an other Protest? Guests r Nasim Zehra, Ovais Tauheed, Malaikah Raza, Waseem Akhtar.
what is the biggest problem of Karachi? Guests r Amir Zia, Mazhar Abbas.
Brexit and Implications on the world, how will affect Pakistan?
What is NSG, how is it formed?
Special Program from Torkhum Border, a Detailed coverage from Ground, Pakistan and Afghanistan Relations and actualy story.
What is status of Pakistan and Afghanistan Border according to international Law?
Pakistan and Afghanistan Border Issues and Torkhum clashes.
Civil Military Relations
how and when Harassment Of Women will be Controlled in Pakistan?
Indian Diplomacy and Foreign Policy of Pakistan
Meeting of Nuclear Supplier Group
How do we make our Policies? what is the story?
Budget 2016, is it for Poors? or for Rich People?
AJK Political Leadership, Part 2.
Politics of AJK
Issues in AJK
Killing of Afghan Taliban Leader
Afghanistan and Issues
Panama Leaks and what is going on?
Education and Issues, how should be dealt?
Nuclear Weapons and Security
after SC Refused, What will happen about Panama Leaks?
Okara Land Issue
Is Pakistani Youth Burden For Pakistan?
Pakistan and Afghanistan Relations.
Program from Okara, Issues in the City
PM Speech and Opposition
Top News of the day, Panama Leaks, Pakistan India Talks.
Why Delay in Pak India Peace Talks?
Panama Leaks and Issues.
ISPR and Punjab Operation, Iranian Head and Arrest of RAW Agent, Host is Waqas Rafiq, talk With Ijaz Haider.
after Punjab Operation started lot of talk is going on, Establishment and GOV r on 1 page?
A Special Talk With Hina Rabbani Khar
nuclear safety and security summit, the belfer centre report.
Show is hosted by Waqas Rafiq, Cricket and Pakistan is out, what was story? and what is next? Mustafa Kamal and New Party, what would happen in Karachi?
Musharraf and issues, Karachi and Politics.
Waqas Rafiq Discusses With Ijaz Heider Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and Islamic #military #alliance
What Saudia is trying to do with 34-state Islamic military alliance?
Sindh Police, no Reforms, GOV is Failed.
Pakistan Afghanistan Relationships, Taliban and Afghanistan peace negotiations.
Top News of the day
Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghanistan and Taliban Talks
Pakistan India Talks, Asif Zardari and PPP.
Security in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Dialogue with Taliban.
Development Projects, OrangeLineTrain Project, CPEC and lot more.
NAB, will we have some Changes in Laws?
Valentines day, a detailed Discussion
DGISPR Details of Operations
what happened at the Quadrilateral Coord Group yesterday & the road ahead.
Pakistan Afghanistan Relations, and Talks on Afghanistan.
PIA and its Privatization
GB Issues
BKU Attack
CPEC Third Program in this issue.
CPEC and Issues
the issues of #CPEC
A Discussion on the status of #GB in relation to Pakistan and #AJK.
Saudi Iran and Pakistan
Daleel January 6 : 97 views
Bay Laag
Patankot Attack
Remembering Ms. Bhutto
Sindh GOV VS Centre.
situation in Afghanistan, interview with Ahmad Rasheed
A detailed discussion on conditions of middle east, its impacts on Pakistan. What is going to happen in Karachi? The issues of Sindh GOV and Rangers.
why is PPP isolated on this resolution thing? where Sindh situation heading?
interview of Minister for Privatization about selling of PIA
Waqas Rafiq a special host for this episode interviews Ijaz Haider about Pakistan India Relationships, and they talk about meeting held between them

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