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TV Anchor, Columnist & Blogger, Editor Strategic Affairs, Dunya News, Dreamer for a EU style South Asia & a better world, Show is aired Friday to Sunday 8:05 PM on Dunya News

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Exclusive Interview with Asad Umar
Exclusive Interview with Aitzaz Ahsan
Panama Verdict and Politics after the Decision
Exclusive Talk with Mustafa Kamal
Exclusive Interview with Imran Khan
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Blasphemous-Contents-on-Social Media
PSL Final and other issues.
PSL Final in Lahore under tight security.
Exclusive Talk With Dr. Tahir-Ul-Qadri
Exclusive Interview with Pervez Musharraf
Exclusive Talk with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
is PM Speech a confession?
postmortem of Dharna 2014 in the light of Javaid Hashmi Statement Newly form judicial Bench and Panama leaks
Mulki Siyasat Kis Rukh?
Rangers Raid Karachi Offices of Zardari's Close Aide
CH Nisar and his Press Conference
A Detailed discussion on Fall of Dhaka
External Debt Of Pakistan And Panama Case
A Detailed discussion on Foreign Policy of Pakistan
Heart of Asia Conference........
Exclusive Interview with Ahsan Iqbal
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
New Coas and Challenges
Exclusive Interview with Tahir-Ul-Qadri
Panama Case, PTI and PMLN, what would happen now?
General Pervez Musharraf Former President of Pakistan in an exclusive interview
Exclusive Talk With Pervez Elahi and then Exclusive talk with Dr. Marvin Weinbaum
Terrorism in Balochistan, start of Gwadar Port.
Exclusive Interview with Senator Aitzaz Ahsan
Target Killings in Karachi, importance of Cpec.
stance of PPP on Panama Leaks.
Shaikh Rasheed in an exclusive interview
Sardar Nabil Gabol is Joining November 2nd Protest of PTI.
Pervaz Rasheed is asked to step down, how and why?
Top News of the day
is Government confused?
why PTI is planning to lock down Islamabad?
is Govt facing some big Problems in Protests?
Exclusive with Asad Umer
Politics of MQM and Other Issues
Leaks of Secret information in Western World VS Pakistan !!!
Dawn News story and Core Commanders Meeting.
can PTI get something from October 30th Protest?
Exclusive talk with Nabil Gabol on Karachi Politics.
is Indian Plan got failed on Uri Attack?
Raiwind March, Kashmir Attack.
Karachi Politics MQM, Sindh Govt, and PM. Property Market after budget 2016 2017, PM in America.
Karachi Politics and MQM, Kashmir and Indian Atrocities talk with Mishal Malik
Exclusive Interview with Pervaz Musharraf
why Pat is leaving PTI alone for Raiwind March? and what is changed after 9-11? talk with Khurram Nawaz Gandapur and Dr. Moeed Yousaf.
The Day Of Press Conferences
Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
Qisas Movement of PAT, what would be results? Modi Statement and issues in Balochistan, Orange Line Train and LHC's Decision.
Modi Statement about Balochistan, and lot more.
PTI Rally in Islamabad.
Exclusive talk with Shah Mahmood Qureshi
PTI and Pat, Movements
Exclusive with Tahir-Ul-Qadri
PAT is Launching Movement, and lot more.
Exclusive talk with Chairman PTI Imran Khan
the opinion of the students about political issues, a program from Islamabad.
Exclusive With Mustafa Kamal, Chairman PSP.
Failed Turkey Coup Attempt, how did it unfold?
France Attack, Kashmir and Indian Brutalities.
Deadlock in Tors Committee
Is Budget Public Friendly?
Exclusive With Sheikh Rasheed
Taqbeer day, Women Protection Bill and CII
What Does America Want from Drones?
Killing of Afghan Taliban Leader, Imran Khan and his Politics.
PM is coming to Parliament, what will happen now?
PPP and Panama Leaks, what would happen?
SC Refused, what will happen now?
#PanamaLeaks #PakPolitics
Panama Leaks and Pak Politics, Exclusive With Chairman PTI Imran Khan
Exclusive With Tahir-Ul-Qadri
Panama Leaks and Judicial Commission, Why Opposition is rejecting it?
PM Speech and Panama Leaks
PTI and Politics, Imran Khan Addressed to the Nation.
Panama Papers and International Politics, Pakistani Politics also in trouble.
Panama Papers and Politics round the world.
RAW and Pakistan Iran Relations, Punjab Operation after Lahore Blast, Islamabad Sit In and Results.
from Cricket to Politics, Arrest of RAW Agent to International Relations, Talk With Sheikh Rasheed
RAW Agent in Pakistan, what should Pakistan do?
MQM and Power in Karachi.
Pervaiz Musharraf Left, what is Next? Pakistan India Cricket in t20 WC, Talk With Mustafa Kamal
MQM and Politics, what is Happening?
A Special Interview With Imran Khan Chairman PTI
T20 Cricket and CH Nisar, PM visited Saudia, and lot more.
Afghanistan Issue, Taliban r not coming to Talks, T20, India does not want Pakistan.
Nuclear Security Summit, Syria truce, Minds Biology
Asif Zardari and PPP, lot more.
Top News of the day
NAB and Politics, Indian Students Protesting, Good News About Pakistan.
NAB and GOV, Talk With Sheikh Rasheed.
Top Stories of the day.
NAB in KPK and Accountibility, American Elections.
Top News of the day
Top Stories of the Day
Afghanistan Talks, PIA Issues.
UzairBaloch and lot more.
Interview of Imran Khan
Minorities in Pakistan and lot more
Important News from Pakistan
BKU Attack and NAP
Saudi Iran Conflicts
Sindh Assembly and new Law, lot more.
A Special Interview with Sheikh Rasheed
the Issues of PIA, Pathankot Attack and Pakistan and India.
Saudi Iran Clashes and lot more.
A special interview with Ahsan Iqbal About CPEC
Important News for today
Tonight With Moeed Pirzada
Sindh GOV and Rangers
Karachi issues and much more.
discussion about faul of Dhaka, issue of Rangers in Karachi, what r going to be powers for Mayor in the city?
discussion on the results of LB pols, the events in America.

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