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Ayesha Bakhsh Anchor/Journalist - Geo News TV she is a young prominent anchor of one of the best and leading private news channel of Pakistan "Geo News" she is joined by fellow Journalists in Report Card it goes on air Monday to Friday 7:05 PM on GEO News

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SC issues notice to Imran Khan over Bani Gala money trail
Objections on JIT Members
Sharif Family and Reservations on Panama JIT
Pak india tensions and Military role
PTI's Foreign Funding case
Islamic Military Alliance under Raheel Sharif
Should Misbah ul Haq Join Politics Like Imran Khan?
How should Panama JIT Work?
Imran Khan is asked about Money Trail by Courts!
Aggression By Afghan Forces
Dawn News Leaks, how will it be resolved?
Sajin Jindal and Attempt to start Pak India Dialogue
how should Pakistan treat Ehsanullah Ehsan?
Dawn Leaks Report where Govt is standing? Opposition is divided after Panama Decision?
Panama Papers JIT: Army pledges to play its role.
Why Extremism in Youth in Education?
Student Killed in Mardan on Blasphemy Charges
Uzair Baloch in the Custody of Pakistan Army!
(By-Election in Occupied Kashmir, Election 2018)
Kulbushan Yadave and his punishment
PMLN is still popular in Punjab?
according to Governor Sindh all credit goes to PM for Karachi Operation, is it right?
Deadly Bomb Blast Targets Census Team in Lahore.
sad incident in Sargodha Pir Killing 20 People!
why Dr. Asim's bail got approved?
will Panama Case give some impacts on 2018 Elections?
PTI's Objection on Raheel Sharif
Huqani and Gilani's Statements
What is the biggest challenge for Pakistan?
Expected ban on social media and Investigations of Spot fixing
Military Courts and Clash of Students in Punjab University
Sharjeel Memon's Arrest and Other Issues
PM in Karachi, can PMLN get some place in Karachi Politics?
Hussain Haqani's Statement
Why PM is Quiet on Javed Latif?
Fight in National Assembly
(What About Electoral Reforms)
Imran Khan's Statement about Foreign Players
The Issue of Military Court
Imran Khan's Criticism on PSL Final in Lahore.
Federal Cabinet Approved the Recommendations to Mainstream FATA
ECO Summit in Pakistan!
Parliamentary-Leaders agree on 2 years extension of Military courts
PSL Final in Lahore now, anything would improve?
What should be done to get Sucsess in operation?
Will Afghanistan Co Operate With Pakistan?
PSL Final would be in Lahore!
Terrorism in Pakistan from Afghanistan
Terrorism in Pakistan, what is happening?
why Valentine Day got banned? is terrorism rising Again?
can Govt make Musharraf Arrest? how Elections 2018 can be held in a better way?
Ban On #Basant Festival
Interior Ministry Approves Issuance of Red Warrant Against Altaf Hussain
how should be media controlled? and why Islamic world is quiet on trump's Policies?
Action Against ARY News in UK
Baba Ladla is killed, lot more.
Military Courts Extension Issue
is corruption coming down in Pakistan?
Imran Khan is challenging PM Nawaz for a debate in Parliament, will it help the issue of Panama Case?
PTI and it's Funding Case.
Why Women being miss treated? Why Bilawal failed in his Rally?
Will PM's Lawyer Be Succeed To Satisfy Court ?
did Military Courts help against Terrorism? should PSL's Final be played in Lahore?
Rangers Extension Issue in Sindh
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Allegations
is PPP getting ready for Elections?
Can Mushahidullah Khan be a good option for appointing new Governor of Sindh?
PTI Completed it's case in SC, did they present their case strongly?
Discussion On Article, 62, 63 in Panama Case.
why 4 social Media Activists r missing?
Indian Army Chief's Claim Of Surgical Strikes
In democracy Opposition can only accuse and does not bring proofs is it right?
Child Abuse who is responsible?
Ban on demanding for vote in the name of religion in India. New so called proofs by P T I. Would it be difficult for prime minister or Maryam nawaz?
Javed Hashmi against Imran Khan
older system of british is coming in Punjab, is it a right step?
Who should be the next opposition leader???
if PMLN Govt gives more energy in grid will it help them in elections?
PPP could not make a big announcement
PTI and PMLN r On Same Page Regarding NAB's Plea Bargain
What will change after today when Asif Ali Zardari is returned?
NAB's Plea Bargain, Right or Wrong ?
Musharraf in his statement
Kya Muslims k khilaf koi Sazish chal Rahi Hai?
Justice )r( Javed Iqbal Demanded to make Abatabad Commission Report should be made public! who is Responsible?
what should be done after the Report on Quetta Attack?
PPP's 4 demands, what would happen now?
What Is The Biggest Challenge For Muslim Ummah
Top News of the day
Top News of the day
Pakistan India Relations
Heart of Asia Conference
Why PPP Failed in Punjab
Absence Of PTI's Members From Parliament
what would be 2 biggest Challenges for new Coas? will Imran Khan have some troubles after admitting something new?
Achievements of Raheel Shareef
what Modi is doing about Indus Water Treaty? Civil Military Relations r bad? is it a reality?
should the Salary of Parliamentarians be more? what is condition of street crime in Lahore?
Indian Aggression on Loc
what would be challenges for new Coas?
Asif Ali Zardari Ki Watan Wapsi,....
PTI changed it's Attorney
Panama Case and PTI
PTI Boycotts Parliament Session
Panama Case Hearing.
Indian Aggression on LOC
Nehal Hashmi's Controversial Statement
Leak Gate Committee Started Working
what would be Impacts on Pakistan of American Elections and Results?
American Presidential Election
لیک گیٹ کی تقشیش کیلیے کمیٹی، معاملہ اب کس سمت جائے گا؟ فرقہ وارانہ دہشت گردی پر قابو پانے کے لیے کیا کرنا چاہیے؟
Bilawal's Speech, and lot more.
Panama Leaks Muneeb Farooq, Imtyaz Alam, Mazar Abas, Shahzad Ch
why Govt is doing crackdown against PTI?
Court ordered PTI not to lockdown
Quetta Terror Attack
Imran Khan's Allegations on Nawaz Government
is Opposition getting divided?
case of Panama in SC
Khuaja Asif Accuses Imran Khan
PPP Vs PTI now, what is going to happen now?
Should govt stop PTI from Lock down Islamabad?
Dawn News Story and Core Commanders Meeting
Scotland Yard Drops Money Laundry Investigation Against Altaf Hussain
Pakistan's Stance on Kashmir
PTI's Call For Protest On 30th October
Pakistan India Tension, and lot more.
why PTI is losing all by elections?
Pakistan India Relations
PM Speech in UN GA and other issues
Top News of The Day
Uri Attack and Indian Allegations on Pakistan
Eid Special, talk with Analysts of program.
Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Allegations on Nawaz Sharif
Imran Khan in National Assembly, lot more.
4 Questions of Imran Khan and now March on September 24th
Na Speaker rejected references from opposition and accepted govt's references, why he did that?
why Opposition leaders is getting so harsh on PM Nawaz?
an other blast in Pakistan, Bomb in Mardan, Terrorism and Fighting Pakistanis.
MQM London Vs MQM Pakistan
Meeting of Sindh Apex committee lots of suggestions, what about Quota System?
SC dismissed PTI Petition against PM.
MQM still in trouble
what's changed in MQM?
aftershocks of Dr. Farooq Sattar's Presser.
MQM Leadership and Operations r being changed.
is MQM going to Resign from Assemblies?
Why PPP is planning to come on the roads?
why Imran Khan is losing grip on the supporters?
Imran Khan is moving to Supreme Court on Panama Leaks, what would happen?
an other meeting on National Action plan, will it give some good results?
Chief of army staff headed a meeting, National action plan should be strongly taken up. Who is responsible?
Imran Khan's Statements about Afghans.
Chaudhry's Speech in the National Assembly, after Mahmood Khan Achakzai's Statement.
Government's Strategy Against Terrorism
Quetta attack an other terrorism
SAARC Meeting and Pakistan and India Conflicts
NA125 and Report of NADRA
KPK Govt and issues
will movement of PTI and PAT result in to something?
Problems faced by Geo TV in Karachi, where is freedom of Press?
interesting discussion on top News of the day.
what is real story behind Waseem Akhtar's Confessions? r we going to have real Investigation on May 12th 2007?
Conditions in Sindh, will we have somethings changed after change of CM?
Finally PPP decided to change CM in Sindh, what would happen now in the politics of Sindh and PPP?
What r the reasons of PMLN's win in AJK?
AJK Elections Special Program
Imran Khan and his movement, what will happen? no united Opposition?
does democracy have any Problems in Pakistan?
Imran Khan's Statement about Failed Turkey Coup Attempt
Kashmir Issue and what is the role of Political Parties in Pakistan?
Muhammad Amir playing Cricket in London, lot more.
Kashmir and Indian Atrocities
Banners in support of COAS, Third Marriage of Imran Khan and lot more.
What r biggest Challenges for us?
new cases against PPP.
Achakzai statement and Pakistani Politics.
CJ LHC talking about Reforms, will we be able to have justice?
Hosted by Rabia Anam, detailed talk about Rains and Floodings, Specially in Karachi, a review of if our Governments r ready for any disaster.
show is hosted by Rabia Anam, Poor conditions of people in sindh, PPP talking about Democracy, and nothing for people.
What r the Problems in Karachi? how to solve those?
Brexit and Implications, how and what will happen now?
is Operation in Karachi tougher than operation in FATA?
Killing of Amjad Sabri, Karachi Conditions and Karachi Operation.
Top News of the day
Honor Killings in Pakistan
Afzal Khan Apologized about rigging in the Elections
Khuaja Asif in Parliament
PTI and Politics
Economic Survey Report is issued, upcoming budget and lot more.
Bilawal Bhutto and CH Nisar
PM Open Heart Surgery, Panama Committee and Deadlock
Should we have an acting PM?
Deadlock in Panama Committee
Afghan and Indian Agents r active, what would happen now?
After Attack on Mulla Akhtar can Dialogue be Resumed?
PM in London, what is Happening? CH Nisar and Press.
Ammerican Attack in Balochistan
Politics on Rodes now
Panama Leaks still r going on, lot more in Pakistani Politics.
Top News of the day
Parliament and Opposition
Parliament and PM
CJ Refused to form Commission, what will happen now?
Panama Leaks and Pakistani Politics
PM is Coming Back to Parliament.
the Issue of f16, Where Pak America Relation would go? Nayyar Bukhari and Police.
GOVT Rejected Tors of Opposition, what is next?
Panama Leaks and New tors from Opposition
Opposition is giving Tough time to PMLN on Panama Leaks, What is Next?
PTI is not given Permission for Lahore Jalsa
PTI and PPP, will they get United?
Social Issues
Opposition and Panama Leaks
Terrorism in Karachi, Police is attacked, is our Police trained well?
COAS with His Statement, what is going to happen?
Mustafa Kamal Jaari, Aik Aur Wicket, MQM Aur Siasat,
Parliament cant be covered by CellPhones Either, Media and Issues, Panama Leaks, what would Happen?
London Hi Keyon? PTI Ka Dharnay ka irada, Istifay ka mutaliba.
CH Itzaz Ahsan Aur CH Nisar Aik Bar Phir!
Imran Khan Demands to be given time on PTV.
Amjad-Ullah Khan from PTI Joined MQM in NA 245
Panama Leaks and Opposition now, PTI and PPP coming closer, Protests?
Panama Leaks and Pakistani Politics
Panama Leaks and Pakistani Leaders.
Mustafa Kamal and MQM, what is going to happen?
Islamabad Protest and Rit of GOV!
Operation in Punjab
2000 Protesters and Islamabad, where is GOV?
Cricket and Pakistan, should we not do operation against PCB?
Bilawal Bhutto is in Umar kot, what is he saying?
Pakistan day
#BrusselsAttack #Terrorism
MQM, more wickets, what is happening? how big is loss?
MQM, Still Charges, Altaf Hussain should come back and Lead
Musharraf Issue.
Pervez Musharraf and lot more.
Extremism and Riligion
Raza Haroon in Party of Mustafa Kamal.
Nawaz Sharif is saying in support of Democracy, Pakistan is changing Americans r saying this.
More People going from MQM, #MQM #CleanKarachiCampaign
#India #Security #Pakistan #T20 #Cricket
#ShahbazTaseer #WomenDay
#DrSagheer #MustafaKamal #MQM
Top Stories of the day
Top Stories of the day
Census and Issues
#WomenProtectionBill #PakPolitics
PPP in Punjab Assembly, what PPP wants?
Zardari and COAS
The Census in Pakistan
Pathankot attack case is Registered.
NAB and PM
MQM, AltafHussain and lot more.
#NAB #Corruption #NawazSharif
Registration of Madrissas.
Terrorism and Pakistan
#phamaceuticals #Important #news
PIA Strike ended
Recap Of The News
PIA Strike, Opposition Parties. PTI Protesting Again
PIA Strike
Corruption issues and more news
Who was in BachaKhan university Attack? Afghanistan?
#Sindh #SaudiIran #Pakistan
#SaudiIran #Pakistan #PervezMusharraf #PakInd
CPEC and lot more.
Pathankot Attack Impacts on Pakistan India Relations.
IndoPakistan Relations, Pathankot Attack
#PathankotAttack #PakIndiaRelations
Report Card
Sindh GOV and PM, Ch Nisar.
Report Card
Lodhran elections and lot more.
special program on Elections in Lodhran and the issues related to VIP Culture in Pakistan.
Sindh GOV, VS Islamabad
Karachi operation, Sindh GOV and Rangers
Sindh Gov and Rangers
worth Listening, Balochistan issues
Pakistan India Relations

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