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Haroon-ur-Rasheed is Pakistan's well known and very eminent Urdu columnist. He has deep knowledge of Pakistan's politics and his views are considered very authentic about different aspects of politics. Author He is author of famous Book "Fateh" which encompasses role of Major (Gen) Akhtar Abdul Rahman (Late) during Afghan war. joined by Habib Akram is the co-host of show "Khabar Yeh Hai"on Dunya TV at 7:05 PM Friday to Sunday and he also writes a weekly column in Dunya newspaper.

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Imran Khan and Coas Meeting
MQM Pakistan and Politics, Panama Case and Possible Decision.
Top stories of the day
PM Nawaz Sharif Addresses a seminar in Lahore!
Karachi Conditions
Exclusive Interview with IG Punjab Police Mushtaq Sukhera
Exclusive Interview with CM KPK Pervez Khattak
Sehwan Blast and issues of Terrorism
Exclusive Talk With Chairman PSP Mustafa Kamal
Exclusive Interview with Siraj Ul Haq
IRI Survey
PM Nawaz in Karachi, PPP and Sindh Govt, Govt and Madrissas Reforms
Bilawal going to south Punjab, positive Signs for Economy.
Para Chanar Blast, NGO's in South Punjab being stopped, Trump and Possible Policies towards Pakistan
Bilawal's Rally, Panama Hearing.
Panama leaks and Milltry courts
PTI Holds ‘Anti-corruption’ Rally in Bahawal Pur
SC Asks Sharif lawyers To Establish Ownership of Minerva Financial Services
#JavedHashmi Allegations on #ImranKhan
Failure of opposition in any movement
A Special Program
LB Leaders elections, Zardari in Karachi.
Asif Ali Zardari is returned and Rangers are in Action in Karachi
can PPP and PTI get United? Govt is not paying attention on Education.
CH Nisar in his Press Conference! PTI is Back to National Assembly.
Top News of the day
Pia Plane Crash
Top Stories of the day
Ashraf Ghani Spits Venom Against Pakistan
Karachi Operation Under The Command Of New Army Chief
Trump and Nawaz Sharif's Phone call.
will something improved after new Coas? Karachi mayor no Powers.
Qamar Javed Bajwa is going to be new Coas
Indus Water Treaty
PTI is looking for an attorney, PPP is looking for Oppertunity, Pak Turk Schools and Issues.
what r the differences going on in PM house?
Indian Submarine
CPEC is started today, Leaders in Dubai, why delay in appointment of new Coas?
New Governor for Sindh, lot more.
Target Killings in Karachi, Bilawal is in Punjab, Investigations for Dawn News story from tomorrow.
Top Stories of the day
Bilawal's Speech, Politics of PPP. big Challenges for PMLN.
Ch Nisar Presser, Dawn News Leak, PTI and Protest!
events in Karachi and lot more.
CrackDown Against PTI Continues
will MQM Pakistan be able to work? Imran Khan is Accusing Nawaz if third Power comes in to force, Afghan Taliban in Pakistan!
MQM London leaders arrested
PM is Issued Notice by SC
A Strong power show by PPP in Karachi.
MQM and Issues.
Corps commanders term NSC meeting story a 'breach of national security.
detailed discussion on PTI's Protest on October 30th
Discussion On PTI's Solo Flight And Other Issues.
India is trying to Isolate Pakistan, Raiwind March is coming, and lot more.
Can India Block our water? Why India Threatening Pakistan? PTI and Protests.
Imran Khan Announced date for March, Kashmir attack, and lot more.
Discussion On Karachi Politics And Raiwind March
Arrest of Izhar-Ul-Haq, the issues of Afghans.
Hajj Sermon, lot more.
Rangers in Punjab, Iran wants to join CPEC, Tuq left PTI for Raiwind march alone, MQM and Politics.
Imran Khan will March towards Raiwind, Extension is given to Afghans, lot more.
FBR and sent notices to Panama People.
Blast in Mardan, MQM and Hot Politics, still lot of doubts about the Party. PTI lost 2 by Elections and now Rallies.
PSP an other Member from MQM joined, what is future of MQM?
can Qisas movement can do something? Sindh Govt is making Laws for Madrissas, Kashmir and OIC.
Afghanistan why Pakistan Flag was Burned? PAT Protests, second round, MQM and Protests.
Modi Statement about Balochistan, Political issues and Courts, Orange line and Courts.
Protests and Accountability movement.
meeting headed by Chief of Army Staff.
Floods in Karachi, Saudi Arabia and Pakistani Workers, PTI and Accountability movement.
PTI and PAT's Protests and Pak Politics.
CH Nisar Speech and Saarc Meeting, and lot more about Pakistani Politics.
top stories of the day
Top News of the day
New CM For Sindh, will we have something changed?
Issue of Rangers still going on, Top News of the day.
Karachi and Decisions about rangers.
What r the reasons of PMLN's win in AJK? meeting of NSC Support for Kashmir.
Imran Khan in AJK what would happen in AJK Elections? lot more.
Turkey Failed Coup, Qandeel Baloch Murder.
Kashmir and Indian Atrocities, after Army Govt also protesting, Pro Army Banners, Afghanistan is asking us for do more.
the Issue of Water in Karachi, Issue of Moon in KPK, PTI and Issues.
Budget 2016, is it for People?
Ministers and PM Health
PM Health, Tors r not being done.
Nadra and issues of CNIC, lot more.
Killing of Taliban Leader
Panama Leaks and Opposition Roles
Pak America Relations, Panama Leaks and lot more.
Offshore Company of Imran Khan, and lot more.
SC Refused to form Judicial Commission, Bangladesh and Hangings.
Accountability in Balochistan and lot more.
CH Nisar wants Investigation in Aftab Ahmad killing, Imran Khan and Opposition.
Panama Leaks, GOVT aVS Opposition and other issues.
Panama Leaks and Pak Politics
Panama Leaks and Imran Khan has Rejected Judicial Commission
Panama Leaks and PM Nawaz
Imran Khan addressed to the Nation, Demanded for Dharna. Panama Leaks.
Who should be given task to investigate Panama Leaks?
Panama Leaks and International Politics, Pakistani Politics, Opposition is getting united against GOV.
Religious Parties going to Launch Movement for Islamic Law
Pakistan Iran Relations and RAW, lot more.
Pakistan and Iran Agreements and Possibilities
RAW Agent is Arrested, what is Next? Pakistan should Re Act Strong.
Opposition is protesting on Musharraf exit
A Special Talk With Mustafa Kamal
FIA contacting Mustafa Kamal and Sarfraz
Pakistan and t20, lot more.
NAB and Politics.
Top Stories of the day
#Taxes #Traders #FBR
Pakistan India Cricket Asia Cup t20
Interview With Imran Khan Chairman PTI
CHNisar and Sindh GOV, TopNews.
PM and COAS visit Balochistan , Taliban and Afghanistan Talks Pakistan Supports, ImranKhan Talks about Ishaq Dar, and lot more.
PathankotAttack and Case Registered, TopNews.
Top Stories of the day
Reforms of Madrisas CH Nisar, Daesh in Pakistan.
Top News of the day
Opposition and Protests
NAP and GOV, What PM is saying!
#Terrorism #Pakistan
#Terrorism #ZarbeAzb #NAP #PIA
#Sindh #SaudiIran #Pakistan
Saudi Iran Conflicts and Pakistan
#CPEC #Karachi #Sindh #PakIndia #JaisheMohammed
#SaudiDefenceMinister #CPEC #PakPolitics
the issues with NAB and lot more.
Imran Farooq Case and lot more.

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