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Dr. Zaheer-ud-din Babar Awan (born 27 January 1957) is a senator in Pakistan's upper House , he is a leading practising lawyer and a member of Pakistan Peoples Party Central Executive Committee. Babar Awan won the Senate election in 2006 unopposed on the ticket of PPPP which was a parliamentary name of Benazir's PPP. Dr.Babar Awan was a student activist in his younger days , he was also president of his college. the shows is aired every Friday to Sunday 7:05 PM Channel 24

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Panama JIT and other issues.
Top Stories of the day
Freedom Movements in India
PPP Huge Gathering in Karachi.
who is big security risk in Pakistan? Kashmir Problem and lot more.
can we expect some big decision in October? is Mr. Zardari returning in December?
11th Anniversary Of Devastating Earthquake Of Oct 8 and lot more.
Why our PM is Quiet? Pakistan India Tension!
Raiwind March september 30th, and lot more.
drama of the Arrest of Izhar-Ul-Haq and lot more.
Hajj Sermon is a strong message for Muslim Umma
where tax money is going? Imran Khan and Raiwind March.
Imran Khan's Speech in National Assembly and more News.
4 Questions of Imran Khan.
PM is in Lahore and Bombs in Mardan, Kashmir, and lot more.
Kashmir Problem, Pakistan Govt, lot more.
we have Off-Shore PM?
London and Politics, Pak Politics and lot more.
Special Program on Independence day of Pakistan.
Accountability movement and Imran Khan, Kashmir and Protests.
detailed talk about Core Commander meeting, season of Protests.
Formation of Sindh Cabinet.
Why Government is scared of Accountability?
Reference filed against Imran Khan, and lot more.
discussion on Election Commission of Pakistan
lot of Killings in Kashmir, and lot more.
Kashmir and Issues, lot more.
the kidnap of the children in Punjab
Kashmir is Burning, Imran Khan and Politics.
Imran Khan in AJK, lot more.
Kashmir issue and lot more.
Kashmir Problem and Pakistani Govt, Imran Khan's Marriage, all r rumors? Pro Army Banners.
Floodings in Chitral and lot more.
Top News of the day
Top News of the day
PM is Shopping, and Top News of the day.
SC CJ is Active for Karachi, lot more.
Brexit and Implications for world, David Cameron is going, why not our PM?
Budget 2016, Load Shading, Balochistan Budget is Issued, lot more.
Justice in India is blind again!
Approved by National Assembly, 2 Years of Model Town Incident, Top News.
Women Rights, Child Rights day is today.
what options India has got?
Top Stories of the day
Imran Khan wants serious Accountability
Remembering Mohummad Ali, Budget 2016 and lot more.
Budget for 2016
Top News of the day
PM Health and Issues
Deadlock in Panama Committee
Killing of Afghan Taliban Leader and Our PM is gone outside.
New ECP, Pakistani Politics, Panama Leaks and lot more.
PM is coming to Parliament, what will happen now?
Top Stories of the day
SC Refused to form Commission, what is next?
PM is Calling Protesters Terrorists, what is story?
Speech of Bilawal Bhutto, Panama Leaks and Corruption.
Corruption in Every Department of Pakistan
Why PM is so much angry? where Panama Leaks would take Pakistani Politics?
PM Speech and Panama Leaks
Imran Khan Ka Qaum Sey Khitab,Panama Leaks aur Opposition Ka Ihtajaj, Aur Bohat Kuch.
Protests every where in the world on Panama Leaks, what would happen?
Panama Leaks and Issues, Lot more.
Remembering ZA Bhuto, PPP and Politics, Lot more.
Modi visiting Saudia, JIT for Pathankot CM Punjab Addressing Police Darbar.
RAW Agent Arrested from Pakistan, GOV is Quiet, CH Nisar is angry with whom? Indian Nuclear Security is not good.
Top Stories of the day
PPP in Punjab, What is happening in Center? lot more.
Iranian Head is visiting Pakistan, New AirLine, lot more.
Important News of the day.
Top News of the day.
Top News of the day.
Mushurraf Case and lot more.
PM Visited Karachi, Asif Zardari and PPP.
TopNews, ImranKhan is Saying lot today.
TopStories of the day
Top News
Valentines day and more news
Top News of the day
Top Stories
Pakistani Politics, Top News of the day.
PIA Issues
#PPP #UzairBaloch #NAP
BKU Attack and what is Happening now?
Corruption Issues.
BKU Attack, India? Afghanistan?
#SaudiArabia #Iran #India #Pakistan
Decisions on CPEC, Pakistan and India
Pathankot Attack and Modi, What have we learned from 2015? and what would happen in 2016?

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