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this show is co hosted by 3 experienced Journalists, Mubashir Zaidi is highly committed, self-motivated award winning journalist, news manager and TV show host and journalism trainer with a broad range of national and international media experience. Zarrar Khuhro is Executive Producer at Dawn News TV and is soft spoken and collects exclusive Reports and very active in social media. and joined by Wusatullah khan who is Senior Analyst on Pakistani Politics, and also worked with BBC Urdu, Writes Baat Sey Baat. it is aired Monday to Friday 11:05 PM on Dawn News

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change in Saudi Crown Prince
Pakistan Cricket Team Returns
Pakistan wins Champion's trophy
complains of JIT in SC
Nehal Hashmi case of Sicilian Mafia Remarks, PEACOCK TEARS
What Will Happen in JIT of Panama?
loadshedding and Protests
important stories
Why A Father gave his life for his son's Job?
Social Media Red Line or Deadline?
Crackdown against Social Media Activists
the issues of NADRA and other issues.
Kulbhushan Yadev's Case in ICJ and Other Issues.
Terrorism in Balochistan and Calling day.
Kulbhushan Yadave's Issue and ICJ
Bahria Town Incident Part 2
incident in Bahria Town.
Calling day
A Very Special Program from Karachi Kachra Kundi
Dawn Leaks Issue and Civil Military Relations
Calling day
Ehsanullah Ehsan, and his statement.
Terrorism in Parachanar today again!
Go Zara Hut K Go!
Missing Friends of Asif Ali Zardari and other issues.
Will Kulbhushan Yadav be Hanged?
Calling day.
Abuse against women and Laws in Pakistan.
Lahore Attack
36th Puncture!
Tearcher's Arrests in Karachi
Special Show with Special Children
Top News of the day
Top News of the day
Special Olympics Winter Games and Pakistan!
Calling day
Pakistan may lose Reko Diq Case
Child Abuse cases and social responsibilities
Asad Kesar and NAB
Vina Malik case and other issues
Is Pakistani Army going to Yemen Border?
Calling day
Fight in Parliament
Women Day Special
Phateechar and other issues.
PSL Ka Bukhar!
Calling day
Fata Reforms
Raheel Sharif and his new plans.
doctors r still on strike in Punjab
PSL Final in Lahore!
Karachi Literature Festival
Top News of the day
Top Stories of the day
Special Program on Sehwan Blast
new terrorism in Pakistan
Top News of the day
Lahore Attack and lot more.
Calling day and Cricket Spot Fixing
Har Ghalat Khabar Per Nazar!
Top Stories of the day
Land Mafia And Corrupt Elements
Callers day and Quetta Attack report and CH Nisar's Reply in SC.
Top Stories of the day
Missing Bloggers and issues
Child Abuse in Karachi
last stage of Panama Case.
Calling day and talk about oath taking of Trump
talk about missing bloggers and other issues.
detailed discussion on Electoral Reforms by Parliament.
Dil Ko Dhoka... Wusatullah Khan Analyst and Dr. Aslam Afghani CEO DRAP
Na Ghayeb Logo Ka Pata ... Na Riyasat Ka. Wusatullah Khan Analyst
Calling day
Trade of Pakistanis
Will Tayyaba get justice?
Calling day, Remembering Ompoori.
Operation Zarb-E-Qalam started by PM today!
A High Level Meeting on National Security, Foreign Policy of Pakistan!
Gharon Mein Kaam Karne Wale Bache. Asma Jahangir Former President SCBA and Wusatullah Khan Analyst
Hamaray Asal Hero. Wusatullah Khan Analyst
MQM Pakistan Power Show in Karachi. Wusatullah Khan Analyst calling day for the audience
Climate Change, The Biggest Issue
Scientific Heroes of 2016. Wusatullah Khan Analyst
Zardari and Bilawal going to Parliament
talk about tomorrow Zardari's Jalsa
Zardari is back!!!
Bhagtay Chor Ke Lungoti Hi Sahi!
PTI and Corruption
Regulatory Authorities and Issues.
Indian Films ke Wapsi!
Remembering December 16 2014, APS Attack, Calling Day.
National Assembly and Hungama!
AnarKali Parliament Chali!
Chakwal Mein Ahmadiya Ibadatgah Par Hamla
Calling day, Panama case
Investigations started for Pia Plane Crash.
PIA Plane Crash
will Sharif family bring some big proof?
Fire in Karachi Hotel
Calling day
National Action Plan Aur Jang..!! Wusatullah Khan Analyst, Shumaila Khan Digital Rights Foundation and Shaheer Khan Magician
PM Spoke to Trump
Edhi Foundation in Crisis as Donations Go Down.
20th Sadi Ka Akhri Inqalabi Cahl Basa..!
Calling day, when will be new Coas Appointed?
Zabardasti Mazhab Ki Tabdeeli
Baharat Aakhir Chahta Kya Hai?
Trump ki Desi Sarkar
Raheel Shareef is going! what is happening?
Calling day, Imran Khan Changing Attorney, Indian Navy tried in Pakistan.
Panama Case Ke Wakeel.
Pak Turk Schools Ka Kya Hoga?. Faisal Sabzwari MQM (Pakistan)
Panama Leaks Hearing. Wusatullah Khan Analyst
Line Of Control Pay Kya Ho Raha Hai..?
terrorism in Balochistan and movement to control it. and calling day.
Quetta Incident Inquiry. Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar Spokesperson Govt of Balochistan, Wusatullah Khan Analyst and Barkhurdar Khan Advocate Quetta HC
Trump Sarkar now!
Calling day, lot more.
Panama Tehqeeqat Khud Kar Kain Ya Adalat Ko Karney Dain
Kaptaan Ka Faisla
Topic: Yeh Case Nahi Aasan
Call in day, crackdown against PTI.
does Nawaz Sharif need any opposition?
Discussion on Quetta Attack.
Point Scoring on Quetta Incident
Journalism Ethics and lot more.
Who Is Running Parliament ?
Karachi Politics
Health Conditions in Sindh
Meeting of Coas and PM, lot more.
Call In Day, Top Stories of the day.
Ch Nisar Presser, still Dawn News Story.
Dawn News Story and Exit Control List
what is the Dawn News Leaks story?
Pakistan India Tension is Affecting art and artists.
what is Uno? lot more.
Calling day, talk about Kashmir Problems, and Pakistan India Tension.
Pakistan India Tension, India Media and Disinformation.
PM's Speech in UN GA
MQM and Leaders, lot more.
Pakistan India Tension
Calling Day, blast in Mamond Agency and lot more.
Call in day, talk about Tahir-Ul-Qadri and Charges on Nawaz Family.
why MQM Pakistan lost by Elections in PS 127?
Air Force day, remembering Heroes.
Speaker of National Assembly and References, is he serious?
Call in day, talk on Mardan Attack as well.
MQM and Politics, lot more.
By Elections in Punjab, and lot more.
How US Scored Landmark Military Agreement With India?
Top News of the day
MQM and still lot is going on!
is it possible to impose article 6 on leaders of MQM?
Zara Hut Kay : 175 views
what\'s changed in MQM?
MQM and Attacks on Media Houses
Zara Hut Kay : 139 views
Call in day, hotline number for terrorism, lot more.
Haneef Abbasi and Incident in Pindi Police Station.
Remembering Quetta Incident, and Top News of the day.
Rangers and It's Operations, what is real story?
Modi and his statement
Call in day, COAS statement.
National Action Plan and discussions on it, new task force being established, what is this all about?
what was new in today's Parliament's Meeting?
is our nation united?
Quetta Attack and Implications
Call in day, the issues of Karachi, and lot more.
SAARC Meeting of Interior Ministers
Top Stories of the day
Top Stories of the day
Bahria Town development work is stopped in Karachi
Call In day, New CM for Sindh.
Topic : Ghairat Ke Naam Par Aik Aur Qatal. Mubashir Zaidi presents a fresh episode of Zara Hut Kay on Dawn News and talk with Zarrar Khuhro.
what was May 12th 2007? why is it back in Media?
Terrorism and Politics
Change of CM Sindh, how this all is unfolding, a detailed talk.
Asad Kharal is arrested, lot more.
When will the voice of Kashmiri people be heard?
Opposition is getting united against govt, lot more.
Qandeel Baloch Murder and Media, lot more.
Call in day, France Attack and lot more.
Great Batting by Misbah-Ul-Haq, Pakistan Vs England, lot more.
Rangers and Sindh Govt, new story is emerging.
What is top News of the day
it seems lot is going on in Islamabad, what is going to happen?
Exclusive With Fehmida Riaz
VIP Protocol and Pakistani People, what is going on in Lahore?
the difference in Afghans and Afghanistan
Attacks in Turkey, situation is getting worst, what is going on?
Meetings in Karachi, lot of Plans r being made, Security and Karachi.
High level security meetings in Karachi, operation is getting faster, lot more.
Call In day, Brexit Campaign, and lot more.
KPK Government gave 300000000 to Dar-Ul-Uloom Haqqania, is it right Decision?
the Kidnap of son of Cj SHC, lot more.
how r these videos Being Leaked? and Top News.
Pre-monsoon rains and Possible Floods, where is GOVT?
Video of Dr. Asim and lot more.
Clashes on Torkhum Border, what is Happening?
Pakistan and Afghanistan Relations in Trouble, where is this all going? Torkhum Clashes.
Call In day, Honor Killings and Women Rights, Fight in a TV Show.
An Other Girl is in Trouble, What r Women Rights? what would Parliament do?
Parliament and Women
Strategic Depth India and America
PM back Home in London, Extra Expenses of GOVT
Budget 2016 Zara Hut Kay!
Pathankot Attack and Investigations
Dust Storm in Islamabad and KPK, lot more.
our National Game is Drama.
Social Media and Issues
Call In Day, PM Health and Issues.
CII and Women Protection bill
Issues In Hospitals.
CH Nisar in Press today about Taliban Leader
Drone Attack inside Pakistan
CallInDay talk about Money
the Jarga in Noshehro Firoze
Parliament and Opposition Agreed.
PM and Parliament
Call in day, Imran Khan Offshore Company.
Top Stories of the day.PM and Panama Leaks
What Happened in Meeting of COAS and PM?
Aftab Ahmad Killing and Investigation
New Air Port for Islamabad
Call In Day, Lot more.
Talk With Iqrar-Ul-Hassan, lot more.
How MQM worker Died?
Opposition Alliance and Panama Leaks
Gun in Sindh Assembly, what happened?
Qomi Inam Ghar is on!
Panama Leaks r still hot! PM name is removed, it was not actually there! What is in next Leaks?
Afghanistan and Pakistan Relations, International News.
PM is in contact of People, lot is going to happen in Pakistani Politics.
Killing of MPA in KPK, and CallIn day.
Terrorism in Karachi, Police is Attacked.
COAS Statement and Politics.
Bahria Town and Land of Poor People in Karachi
London Meyn Pakistani Siasi Qayadat, Aur Bohat Kuch
Panama Leaks aur Toofan
PM neyn Apna Daura Multawi Kar Deya Hai, ab Kya Ho Ga? Panama Leaks.
CallIn day, Talk about Panama Leaks and Judicial Commission.
Imran Khan in Parliament today, Panama Leaks and lot more.
Panama Leaks, how is it all going?
A Detailed Chat on PM Speech on Panama Leaks.
a Live Chat about Panama Leaks and about Media on these documents.
Call In day, CM Punjab met COAS, lot more.
Mustafa Kamal visited Mirpor Khas, lot more.
Islamabad Protest is ended, who is Next? when will be next Dharna?
CH Nisar said Islamabad Sit In must end in 1 hour, lot more.
PM Spoke to the Nation after Lahore Blast, what is next now?
Call in day, RAW Agent is Arrested
Women of Pakistan, they r winning even Cricket? now what? Should Men go to Kitchen? a Live ChitChat!
Pakistan day and Launch of New Party
A Lively Chat about Cricket and lot more.
Women and Cricket, lot more.
CallIn Day, T20 WC Pakistan vs India.
Musharraf case and GOV
Peshawar Blast, and lot more.
Shahid Afreedi and Media. lot more.
#Call In day, A Special Talk With Nusrat Javed and Gulminay
Mustafa Kamal and Interviews, Interesting it is!
Altaf Hussain and his health, lot more.
#ShahbazTaseer #ImportantNews
#Mumtaz Qadri #Karachi #MQM
Important News
TopStories of the day.
Call In day
Women Rights
Top News of the day.
Important News
Problems in India, and lot more.
New Schools, and PM, Call In Day.
NAB Chairman is not Meeting PM. Why?
#APSMartyrs #Pakistan
Important Stories
Calling day
Important News
Remembering FatimaSuriaBajia and lot more.
PIA Issues, Top News of the day.
Top News of the day
Calling day
PIA Strike
PIA Strike and Protests
COAS Extension and lot more.
BKU Attack
#SaudiIran #Pakistan
Sindh Assembly and New Laws.
Pakistan India Relations.

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