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a Program of GEO News, Friday to Sunday 8:05 PM https://www.brandig.co.uk

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why JIT is being Attacked?
Lawyers Convention, PM Resignation and other issues
Dawn Leaks and Social Media, CSS Exams and Poor Education in Pakistan, Terrorism in Balochistan.
Why Opposition is demanding the Resignation of PM Nawaz Sharif? why Governor is different from Other Governors? Why Papers r getting Leaked?
JIT for Panama is Formed, what is next? and other issues.
Dawn News Leaks Report, what is going on? what is Next?
Pak Afghan Relations and other issues
Imran Khan's Demands and other issues
Sindh Politics and issues
what is wrong in Sindh? how should we deal with Spot Fixing in Cricket?
now PPP is also coming in a strong Opposition, what is happening in Panama case? Water issues in Pakistan, Trump and Nawaz Phone call.
Issues Of Provinces And Federal Government, Education and Issues.
Indian PM is threatening Pakistan on Water, Poor system for Justice, Outgoing Coas.
Indian Parliament and calling Pakistan Terrorist! PPP is launching Protest on Dec 27! People r going out for jobs, why?
Teacher and Students, what is actual situation? Poor Politics and bad words.
Hamid Khan is changed as attorney for PTI, Karachi and Politics.
Gwadar Port Started, Protests in America.
Another Incident of Terrorism in Balochistan!
Dawn News Leak and Investigations, new Governor for Sindh, Protests against trump in America.
Jurisdiction of Supreme Court on Panama Case.
Democratic institutions r strong in Pakistan? Teachers Strike in Islamabad, talk about future of Coas.
Imran Khan Vs Bilawal, PPP and Politics. Talk with Asma Jahangir on Panama Commission.
Panama Leaks case in court
The issue of Pervaz Rasheed, and lot more.
Exclusive Talk with Khuaja Asif
PTI is locking down Islamabad, Govt is saying lot on it!
more and more loans! how will we come out of these?
what r rights of People in Islamabad on PTI's Protests?
what would be result of Investigation for Leaked story?
Decisions in Islamabad, Exclusive Talk with Mahmood-Ul-Hassan Khalil CEO of Podcasts World on White Cane Safety Day.
why CJ Sc had to give remarks about democracy? meeting of core commanders.
r we going to have a new London Plan? detailed discussion.
can PTI do well on Oct 30th? what is going to happen in Pakistani Politics? remembering oct 8 2005 Earth Quake
Artists in India in Trouble, lot more.
Modi is threatening Pakistan! why? in second Part of Program talk with Sheikh Rasheed
PTI's Raiwind March and lot more.
Momend Agency and Bomb blast, is media doing it's job? PM is in america, Tahir-Ul-Qadri and his presser.
MQM and Karachi Politics
what is going to happen after Eid? a detailed discussion. Mubashir Zaidi Dawn News, Mansoor Ali Express News, Faisal Shakeel Woqt News and, Rana Jawwad Geo News and Zahid Hussain.
Raiwind March and lot more.
Protests and rallies.
Mardan Attack, where r we standing about Terrorism? Opposition and Tors on Panama, Cricket and Pakistan.
Atrocities of India in Kashmir, an other member joined PSP, Rain and Floods.
Politics is getting Hot! Zardari is coming in it, PTI is demanding for Operations in Punjab, what is going on in MQM? talk on Chaman Border, Qisas Movement.
what should be our Policy about Kashmir and Relationships with India? AJK Elections and PTI, Karachi and it's non livable conditions.
Indian Atrocities in Kashmir, Modi Statement about Balochistan, Foreign Policy of Pakistan a detailed review, PTI and PMLN and References, Incident of Baldia Town Karachi.
a special program on Pakistan day, how should Pakistan studies be taken in schools and Universities
blasts and terrorism still going on, Quetta Attack, what will happen now? lot of statements.
Rallies in Pakistan, American Spy, and lot more.
Rallies in Pakistan, what would be outcome? lot more.
Reference Against Imran Khan, is that war of references? America wants us to do more, Rangers and Powers Issue
talk about right Prices of Property, talk with Ishaq Daar
GEO is still facing Problems in Karachi, still Terrorism in Pakistan, Rangers attack, Shehar Khan Aafridi, Faisal Karim Kundi, Muhammad Zubair.
New CM for Sindh, Geo is facing problems in Karachi, Cyber Crime Bill is Passed
Blame Game Politics In Pakistan.
we do need Electoral Reforms, Terrorism all around, India is charging for lot on Pakistan.
PM is back meeting of NSC, Sindh Govt vs Rangers, the kidnap of children in Pakistan.
Election Campaign is in full swing in AJK
Failed Turkey Coup, Any Lesson for Pakistan?
Elections in AJK, Conditions r not good, Killings in Kashmir and Indian Atrocities, Pro Army Banners, Attack in France
the Security of Karachi, Drone Attacks, what would be Result, Talk With Dr. Maliha Lodhy, Floods and r we ready, Guests r, Senator Anwar Beg, Mola Bakhsh Chandio, Dr. Arif Alvi, Ali Raza Abidi
Journalistic Values And Role Of Media, Attack in Bangladesh, why ATM Networks had issues all day today? Imran Khan sister and Protocol Incident, Guests r Osman Manzoor, Senator Nihal Hashmi Mansoor Malik, Samsam Bukhari.
Rains r starting from Tomorrow, how is it in rest of the world? Brexit and after affects, Karachi and Security situation, is Operation getting faster? Opposition is Heading to ECP, Guests r Ali Muhammad Khan, Ayaz Lateef Palijo, Imran Zafar Laghari from PPP, and Abdul Qayyoom Siddiqui.
Security of artists, is it Possible to give VIP Security? What Molana Sami-Ul-Haq is saying about Grant given to his Madrassa by KPK Govt? What would be Implications of Brexit on Pakistan?
Killings in Karachi, New Group is getting Active, PTI moving to ECP, PTI and Dar-Ul-Haqqania
we might have more Rains, r we ready? isis do we have it in Pakistan? Opposition might get united.
Discussion on Public Issues
Protests Ahead, what will happen?
uncivilized language in politics
Balochistan and Conditions, Pak US Relations, Tors Committee Deadlock.
Top Stories of the day
Budget 2016, is it Public Friendly? Protests all around, Remembering Muhammad Ali.
Budget 2016 and Issues
PM Health and Pak Politics Exclusive With Iftakhar Chaudhry
PM Health and Issues, Politics still in trouble, Taqbeer Day is today, what have we gained?
Killing of Taliban Leader
Panama Leaks still hot! PTI still Attacking, Pakistan Relations with others, Karachi Police is being targeted.
MNAS want more money
Schools in Sindh, Health Conditions, lot more.
What is next plan of GOVT? Panama Leaks?
Honor Killing, Opposition Alliance, Tors, PM is in Sindh and Politics.
Panama Leaks and Pak Pokitics, PTI and opposition.
the issues of Panama Leaks and ICIJ
an other Sit In?
PM Addressed to the Nation, Lot more.
1973 Dastoor Ka din KPK Meyn Barish aur Sailab, Imran Khan nay Qom Sey Khitab Keya.
Opposition and GOV, more and more Demands, how will it all be Investigated? Panama Leaks r ended? or more to come?
Panama Leaks, PTV and Meeting of Parliament.
Religious Parties want a strong movement, why is it difficult for GOV to run? PIA and Issues.
CH Nisar With Press, Pakistan Iran Relations, Punjab and Politics, talk with Pervaiz Ilahi.
Punjab CM is ready for stronger Action against Terrorists, Punjab Operation, Security in Lahore.
Pakistan and Iran Relations, Schools in KPK, CM is visiting in Punjab Schools.
Cricket and T20WC Pakistan out! What should we do? RAW is Involved in Pakistan, what should be done?
#Cricket #PakvInd #PakPolitics
Conditions of Education in Pakistan, Cricket and Nationalism.
Pakistan India Relationships, Health in Punjab and Musharraf case.
Justice in Pakistan, Pakistan Cricket Team in India, India is doing Politics, MQM is saying lot.
What Senate is doing? Child Abuse Bill.
Weather Change, Pakistan and t20, Rangers want more in Sindh from SC.
Pakistan and India, PM again Out of Pakistan, Women Rights
Mustafa Kamal and CHNisar, Cricket and PM, Education in Balochistan.
#OrangeLine #T20 #WomenRights
Cricket of Pakistan and India
PM Visited Karachi, GreenLine Project, Mayor Islamabad Talk With him.
CH Nisar is Saying that Sindh GOV can go to Coart, PPP is Demanding more, COAS should stay, talk with Mohummad Kamran.
Accountibility and NAB and PM, Lot more.
Politics of AJK, Valentines day, lot more.
Imran Khan and Accountibility, KPKNAB, PMLN and administration, Saf Games
DG ISPR, Farooq Sattar.
PTI and its Politics
Balochistan Issues, CPEC? Protest of ImranKhan Afghanistan Issues
#KashmirSolidarityDay #PTI #Protest
#Karachi #Sindh #Punjab
Why Ministers not coming to Parliament? Nuclear Weapons r again in discussion
the issues of NAP
BKU Attack, issues with Afghanistan! NAP
#Karachi #Sindh #PPP
Saudi Iran Conflicts and Pakistan, Powers in Sindh, Taxes in Pakistan.
#GilgitBaltistan #Punjab #CounterTerrorism #PakIndia
#SaudiIran #CPEC #PTI #KPK
MQM and Imran Farooq case, the issues of CPEC, how to deal with Daesh?
Saudi Iran Conflicts, MQM is in trouble about Imran Farooq Case, Pakistan India Relations
Pathankot Attack!
Pathankot Attack, conditions of Terrorism in Pakistan.
Case of BeyNazir Bhutto
exclusive interview of ex-Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry
visit of Narendra Modi, Birthday of Quaid.
What is situation of internal refugees? Elections in Lodhran, politics of Imran Khan.
Molana Abdul-Aziz, gov is saying no case against him, Karachi issues and new mayor, what MQM would get from this post?
Pakistan India Relations, why just movies and cricket? Karachi operation, issue of Rangers. why Pakistan is joining Saudy led war against Terror?
A detailed view of National Action Plan, in memory of APS attack
Karachi Operation
discussion on the results of the LB Pols, Pakistan and India Relationships, Pakistan and Afghanistan Relationships.
In this show Talat Hussain addresses important issues, terrorist incident in California, LB Pols December 5th, people being deported back to Europe.
in this show Talat Hussain discusses LB Pols of Islamabad

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