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Rauf Klasra is a Pakistani journalist and Urdu language columnist. Mr. Klasra is a well known Investigative journalist, joined by Amir Mateen who is a Senior Journalist and is strong in the Profession of investigative Journalism, co hosted by Sarwat Waleem, the show is aired Monday to Thursday 10:05 PM on 92 News HD.

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Panama JIT to Present third progress report tomorrow
SC Rejected Hussain Nawaz Plea
What kind of Troubles for JIT?
Government coming in front of Courts?
Hussain Nawaz in JIT, other top stories.
Hussain in JIT and Clashes outside
upcoming Budget, PTI and Politics.
Summit in Saudi Arab was it against Iran? and why PM Nawaz gone there?
PIA and issues in London, Asif Ali Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif.
Parliament and Opposition, Corruption in Punjab.
Investigations on Nawaz Family, what is the real story?
Corruption and Sharif Family and other issues.
PPP is in Protest! Pakistan Air force Scandal
what kind of words r being used in Pakistani Politics!
Dawn Leaks Report is submitted to PM Nawaz, what will happen? Asma Jahangir is supporting PM Nawaz Sharif, PPP and Movement.
After Shocks of Panama Verdict
India And Pakistan Hearing Towards another war ?
Karachi Politics, and lot more.
Terrorism in Lahore, Sindh Govt and IG Police, MQM Pakistan and it's White Paper.
Remembering Bhutto, Imran Khan and Army Chief Meeting.
IG Sindh police and Government.
Sharjeel Memon and issues, Justice Saqib Nisar and Important Statement.
PMLN VS PPP, where this all is going?
Zardar, Haqani and Other issues.
Asif Ali Zardari's Statement and Issues
Panama Case is getting closer, a meeting of PMLN Leaders, clash of students in Punjab University.
Sharjeel Memon and issues in Courts.
PM's Speech in Sindh and other issues.
why no clean water for People in Pakistan?
Top News of the day
PSL Final and other issues.
Panama Case and other issues
Panama Case and other news
Operation in Punjab and Panama Case Hearing
Sehwan Blast, why is this new terrorism? Panama Case Hearing!
Lahore Bomb Attack, Panama Case Hearing.
Lahore Bomb Attack
SC Halts Operations of Three Sharif Family Sugar Mills
Interior Ministry Approves Issuance of Red Warrant Against Altaf Hussain
Ishaq Dar's Confessional Statement
new Governor for Sindh and other issues.
Panama Papers Hearing Adjourned Till Monday
Panama Case Hearing for today.
(Panama Case in Defining Phase)
Panama Case today's Proceedings, Metro Bus in Multan.
Panama Case and today's Proceedings
no important answer is given by PMLN in Panama case, Bilawal could do nothing in Punjab.
a detailed discussion on Proceeding of Panama Hearing in SC
Panama Leaks --- Sharif Khandan Ka Mutazad Dawon Ka Silsila Jari. Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Khuli Kitab Ko Article 66 Ke Peche Kyun Chupaya Ja Raha...? Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Arguments of PMLN in SC going on! Money Laundering of Sharif Family
Siysat Abadat Hai Ya Khiyanat..? Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Story of Sharif Family's Money Laundering. Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Panama Papers case: SC to Continue Hearing PTI Lawyer's Arguments. Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Panama Case, Naeem Bukhari, Imran Khan with Journalists
Kya Panama Case Ka Faisla January Main Ho Jayega.? Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
een Wakeel Aur Teen Kahaniyan. Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Kya Javed Hashmi PML-N Main Dobara Janay Kay Liye Betab.? Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
2017, Naya Saal, Naye Challenges.? Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst -
27th December Kay Baad Ka Siasi Manzar Nama. Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Imran Khan in Action against NAB, what will happen tomorrow?
Commission Report Par Behas Kay Duran 90 Senators Gayab.
Chaudhry Nisar Aur PPP Ka Tanaza Barnay Laga.?
why Imran Khan not coming to the Parliament?
Hot National Assembly, Quetta Commission Report, IG Sindh is sent on Force Leave.
PTI Nay Pehli Bar Opposition Ka Kirdar Ada Keya
PTI is going to Parliament
Panama Case, New Appointments in Army
Panama Case, Faisla Ka Waqt Agaya.?
Pia Plane crash, Panama Hearing.
Panama Case, Hearing tomorrow.
Contradictions of Sharif Family in Panama Case
Panama Case, Naeem Bukhari's Strong Arguments.
Wazir-e-Azam Kay Liye Aik Aur Toofan Ki Amad.. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed President AML, Rauf Klasra Analyst, Amir Mateen Analyst and Shahid Khan Journalist (London)
PPP Aur PML-N Kay Darmiyan Lafzi Jang Arooj Par..
Army Chief's Retirement And Issue Of #DawnLeaks
Pak Baharat DG-MOs Ka Hot Line Par Rabta..!
Naye Army Chief Kay Anay Say Mojuda Army Chief Ki Policies Ka Tasalsul Rahay ...
Is PTI Not Taking Panama Case Seriously?
Dr Asim Kay Paas Canadian Shehriyat Bhi Hai..!
Panama Case Main Qatri Shahzaday Ki Entry....
Pesa Kesay Kamaya? Kesay Bhijwaya? Sharif Khandaan Jawab Day Paye Ga..?? Ishaq Khan Khakwani PTI, Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analys
Wazir-e-Azam Nawaz Sharif Nay Aik Aur Banday Ko Nawaz Diya...!! Usman Dar PTI
US Election Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Hakim-e-Waqt Ka Muamla Doosron Se Alag Hota Hai, Chief Justice Senator Syed Zafar Ali Shah PML-N, Barrister Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan PPP, Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst
Asal Jawab Tou Wazir-e-Azam Kay Bachon Ka Ho Ga, SC Salman Akram Raja Law Expert, Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Matee
PTI and Politics of Protests, Govt and it's Plans.
Panama Leaks and Courts now! Protest in Islamabad, Leaked Stories.
PMLN Elections and lot more.
Coas and PM! an other Meeting! PPP is also Protesting, date change in Protest of PTI, Mustafa Kamal Vs Ishrat-Ul-Ibad
Ch Nisar Presser, Dawn News story, MQM and Politics, CJ SC Remarks.
Dawn News story and top News of the day
Another Lie of Finance Minister and lot more.
Pakistan India Tension and Pakistani Politics.
PM Speech, India and Extremism, Bahamas Leaks, Bilawal Bhutto in Karachi.
Pakistan needs to review it's Policies
Public Account Committee and no results, Pakistan Vs India, and lot more, talk with Sheikh Rasheed
Pakistan India Relations, Uri Attack and Allegations on Pakistan! Pakistani hot Politics!
why Ayaz Sadiq ran away from Assembly? Imran Khan in Assembly! meeting of Public Account Committee, Ch Nisar and Politics, and Corruption everywhere.
PTI and Imran Khan losing in Karachi? PM in Chitral, Public Account Committee meeting tomorrow,
Lies of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar
Opposition and Parliament, References and Speaker, Protests and Opposition, Karachi and Politics of the city, Jamat-e-Islami and Protests.
Laarrkana Development Project and corruption, talk about extension of COAS, Opposition and Anti-Government Movements.
Meetings in Sindh, Anti Government movements, lot more.
Imran Khan's Petition is returned, who would do Accountability? new Mayor for Karachi, Pakistan is sending Reference against Altaf Hussain to UK Govt.
Center and Sindh r they all agreed on ban of MQM?
MQM and it's future, lot is going in Karachi, lot of rain in Lahore.
Elections of Mayor in Karachi, yet he is arrested, issues in India.
will MQM really disown Altaf Hussain?
MQM and Ary News Attack in Karachi
PM is very Active, Cabinet Meeting, SC asked Govt for Cabinet's Importance, NAB and Issues
References against PM in ECP, any Results? Punjab Police and Crimes
Opposition Parties r going to Courts, Protests by PTI and TUQ, Ishaq Daar Met Khursheed Shah, Olympics and Sports in Pakistan.
Security Meeting today, what would be results? CH Nisar Vs PPP, PM Modi and his statement.
PM chaired an other meeting today, bigger Decisions r being taken. Aitzaz Ahsan is getting harsh on CH Nisar. bad and Poor Economy.
PM in Parliament, what would happen to National Action Plan? CH Nisar bursted in Assembly, Investigations on Panama Leaks.
who is behind Quetta Attack and lot more.
Quetta Attack and Lot more.
Top News of the day
ECP and Hearing started, NA 125 and NADRA Report, lot more.
CH Nisar and CH Aitzaz, ECP and PM, IshaqDaar and Questions on his statements.
PM Chaired a Meeting today, CH Nisar with Press, Sindh Politics is getting hot, PTI and PAT launching Movement,
Topic : Lahore Ka Namzad Mayor, Pehlay Turkey Aur Ab China Kay Douray Par. Rauf Klasra Analyst and Amir Mateen Analyst in fresh episode of Muqabil on 92 News and talk with Sarwat Walim.
new names for Loans getting off, Panama leaks and dubai Leaks, President of South Africa Accountability for him, Waseem Akhtar and Confessions and Denial.
new CM in Sindh, 2 Military Persons got Killed, Pakistanis and Money outside, Shahbaz Sharif in China.
Change of CM Sindh and lot more.
AJK Elections today, PMLN is leading, Rangers and Powers, Trump and issues.
Karachi is again in control of Police, what will happen to Rangers Powers? Imran Khan is coming on rodes, American Elections.
what is happening in South Punjab? Karachi Operation is getting faster, lot of Arrests in the city, Owais Shah is Rescued.
is Imran Khan Supporter of Martial Law?
American Congress and Pakistan, CJ LHC and statements, Punjab and Sugar Mills.
Panama Leaks, still no Investigations, British PM Left after brexit, what would happen in Pakistan? Dubai Leaks and no investigations yet.
Banners of COAS Extension, PM is home now, Imran Khan and Third Marriage, Formation of ECP and Scandal
PM is Returned home, what will happen now? Posters on COAS Extension, Imran Khan and Third Marriage, PSP is Joined by 260 People from MQM, Indian Atrocities in Kashmir.
Top News of the day
LHC and Accountability, Decisions of Courts r not being taken serious, Dr. Babar Awan is also in the Program.
PPP is moved to ECP against PM, everyday something new is coming, what is the actual story? New CJ for LHC, will we have some Justice?
PMLN is getting ready to welcome PM back home, PPP and PMLN coming against each other, what does it mean? PPP is moved to ECP, talk about ECP and Scandal.
CH Nisar with Press today, security conditions in Karachi, Economy of Pakistan and Media, PPP moved to ECP against Nawaz Family.
Amjad Sabri is Laid to rest, PPP and PMLN r coming against each other, FBR and NAB.
Killing of Amjad Sabri, what is happening in Karachi? Questions on Karachi Operation, Imran Khan is standing with Leaders of PPP to Protest?
NAB and Scans, over 80 Million people living Below Powerty, lot more.
CH Nisar and Leaked Videos still Deadlock on Tors, lot more.
Dr. Asim New Video and Lot more.
Dr. Asim, Ayan Ali again Stopped, Torkhum Border, 2 Years of Zarb-E-Azb.
Deadlock on Tors, Chairman NAB and Corruption, PPP and PMLN Clashes.
Chairman NAB and Issues, Shahbaz Sharif on Zardari, Opposition is Active, Shauqat Aziz and his Book.
is PPP Serious about PM Accountability?
Musharraf is Denied Visa of America, Shaukat Aziz wrote a book
Civil Military Leadership Holds Meeting in GHQ
What was Real Budget?
Upcoming Budget, Economic Survey Report
Parliament met today, President spoke today.
Accountability and issues
PM in London, what is the Politics?
Panama Commission, lot more.
Nadra and Corruption cant go together.
CH Nisar in Press today, more questions, DG FIA is removed, why?
Drone Attack and Pakistan Stance
Parliament and Opposition
Panama Leaks and Parliament, PM and Opposition.
Dubai Leaks New Edition
7 Questions by Opposition, lot more.
PM is coming to Parliament, Panama Papers and lot more.
PM, Parliament, Panama Papers Part 2, Lot more.
Dubai Leaks now!
CH Nisar Met Press today, GOVT Rejects Tors of Opposition Problems in FO, PM in Mode of Election Campaign.
Opposition and Tors, if these r Rejected What is Next? PM gone to Bannu.
Panama Leaks Opposition Alliance
PM in KPK, Panama Leaks and Politics.
Cabinet Meeting after 7 Months, Panama Leaks and Opposition is getting United, Why Investigations? Lot more.
ECP and Corruption, Lot more.
Opposition is protesting, PMLN Contacting People now!
Accountability inside Army, when will be in politics?
Panama Leaks still hot! Terrorism in Karachi, Rajanpoor Operation
COAS and his statement, PM is Returned home, What is going to Happen? Panama Leaks and Commission!
PM is coming back, Imran Khan is getting ready, NAB and Issues, Bahria Town and Issues.
CH Nisar with Press today, Panama Leaks and Pakistani Politics, A New Scandle,
Panama Leaks Aur 2 Chaudhries, PMLN aur PPP. Bohat Kuch aaj K Program Meyn.
Panama Leaks Parliament ka Ijlas, CH Nisar aur Itzaz Ahsan Amnay Samnay, PM Nawaz Per Dabao, Kya Nawaz Istifa Deyn Gay? PTI ka Intashar.
Panama Leaks and National Assembly Meeting, PTI and Opposition, PTI and MQM.
Panama Leaks, Offshore Companies, GOV is Deffending, Opposition is Protesting.
Panama Leaks New Politics in Pakistan, World had Begun Investigation, NAB is Sleeping.
Panama Leaks and Sharif Family, big Corruption.
Cricket and Politics, Should PM not work to Improve? Islamabad Sit In ended, what is going on in PMLN? Accountibility is only for Comin People.
Islamabad Sit In Ended, how did it all happen?
Islamabad Sit In, Punjab GOV is Denying Terrorists, DGISPR and RAW Agent.
PM Spoke, said nothing much! Lahore Blast and Much needed Operation finally Started. Punjab GOV and Troubles. what is going to Happen now?
Pakistan Day Where r we standing?
Brussels Attack and lot more.
Joint Parliament and Politics, More Wickets for MQM, Cricket.
Pervez Musharraf case, AGPR Issues, Elections in NA 153
Blast in Pishawar, Pervez Musharraf and Article 6
Top Stories
MQM, Lot more.
#Karachi #Deputation #Pakistan Railways
#MQM #NAB #PakPolitics
#Karachi #Peace #Politics
Top Stories of the day
Top Stories of the day
TopStories of the day.
Fixit Movement
AsifZardari and Politics, Sindh and NAB
Political Parties, what r they doing?
NAB and PM what will Happen to Dr. Asim, Ex DG FIA is saying lot.
NAB and PM, what is going to happen?
Is NAB Arresting

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