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Tabdili With Ameer Abbas

Tabdili With Ameer Abbas

Ameer Abbas The people of Jhang admire and love him a lot the way he loves the city of his ancestors. Career Ameer Abbas is a Pakistani television journalist and anchor who worked for News One. He has served countrys leading news channel Dunya News as a news anchor from May 2010-October 2010. Later he joined another famous news channel of the country Express News in October 2010. He covered major breaking news stories across the country from Data Darbar bomb blast, Abbottabad Usama operation, Mehran Base attack, Bannu Jail attack, Air-blue plane crash, NRO detailed decision, PM Yousuf Raza Gilani disqualification to dozens of other nationally and internationally known events. in June 2012; after serving Express News for almost two years, he joined re-launching team of Waqt News, Nawa-i-Waqt group as an Anchor of News and Current Affairs. His news reading style doesn't resemble with any other news anchor being a unique. He is master in making sentences in urdu while anchoring. His vocabulary is very articulated. His selection of words according to the situation is brilliant. He can add emotions and feelings in a dead matter in a superb manner. Before joining Electronic Media, he worked as a banker for four years. Ameer Abbas's weekly column "Ameer-e-Shehr" in Nawa-i-Waqt has got boom and great appreciation, which was never observed before for any other young column writer. His beautiful descriptive and fiction oriented writing-style differs him from dozens of other columnists. his program goes on air Monday to Friday 7:05 PM on Bol News

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